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The 127th Session Canton Fair On line

The 127th Session Canton Fair On line


Factory Introduction

Jinan Lingxiu Laser Equipment Co.,Ltd is the leading  brand in  innovation and upgradesof laser equipment and it aims to provide high quality service in the global  laser intelligence.
The 127th session of the China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, a grand exibition of international trade.LXSHOW salesmen and technicians had provided around-the-clock online services. As you can see from the above video,we are conscientious and make a good job of what we do. For fiber laser cutting machine,we are a professional maker.

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Machine Configuration

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#Cast Aluminum gantry
#Exchange table
#Plate welded machine frame
#Full cover
#Fiber MAX laser generator 3000W
#Raytools laser head BM111+Bochu controller FSCUT2000
#Fuji servo motor X:1500W Y:2000W Z 400W
#Taiwan Hiwin rails 

#Apex / YYC Gear                                                   
#Water chiller S&A

Machine introduction  & machine working show in the daytime


Answering customers‘ questions and recommending the suitable machines to meet their various working requests in the night.

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Team Cooperator

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LXSHOW Laser takes Lvdi Xinduhui as its corporate headquarters. It has built plants successively in Jinan Pingyin, which provides an excellent basis for arranging laser equipment  industry chain for the ultimate purpose of offering stable and  effective service of intelligent equipment.equipment.

In the area of industry 4.0, LXSHOW Laser is striving to provide basic equipment and customized solution for the future industrial production,industrial production, also to  help enterprises increase productivity, thus making contributions to ”Power metal cutting" and “laser change the world. ”

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We have a strong and professional aftermarket team. No mattaer what you have come acrossed,just a call,or a message ,or an email ,we can help you to solve it at the first time.  For more technical help,we can even fly to your country to do a  machine operation trainning.

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To Customers 

The breakout of CoVID-19  is a threat to  every body all the world. Business ,working and life have been become more challenged than before. Every one had to be more harder and harder. And now on line business as we are is a good choice, it makes trade easier and more simple and convenient. So what you need to do is just place orders remotely,we will do all the followings for you till our machine infront of you.

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