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Some common precautions when using fiber laser cutting machine raycus

Some common precautions when using fiber laser cutting machine raycus


The development of the laser industry is rapid, more and more people are beginning to get involved in laser cutting, but LXSHOW warmly reminds: the operator of the fiber laser metal cutting machine cnc needs systematic training before taking up the job. It is very dangerous when the fiber laser cutting machine fails. It may even threaten the operator's own safety. Therefore, before operating the 3000 watt fiber laser cutting machine, it is necessary to learn and keep in mind some operating precautions.

The following LXSHOW summarizes some precautions for the use of machine fiber laser cutting:


1. Observe the general safety operation rules of the cutting machine, and turn on the fibre laser cutting machine fiber strictly in accordance with the laser startup procedure;


2. When operating laser cutting equipment, wear appropriate protective equipment, such as laser glasses (laser is invisible light, incident eyes are clear and cause serious injury, so avoid looking directly at the laser beam, wear protective glasses), gloves, and protective fence Wait, wear a protective mask if necessary.


3. During the operation of the inverter, cancel opening the hood of the inverter.


4. Do not place paper, cloth and other flammable materials around the machine workshop, especially stack paper, oil and other flammable materials in the fiber laser cutting tube machine processing area to prevent fire.


5. When the equipment is working, the operator must not leave the job position or caretaker without authorization. If you need to leave, power off or stop appropriately.


6. The laser in the fiber laser cutting machine tube is a high-energy substance, even the metal can be cut open, and humans cannot touch it. In addition, metal objects can be replaced for operation, which may cause electric shock.


7. The operation workshop should strengthen ventilation. If you feel unwell, please go to the hospital for examination.


8. Pay attention to the stability of the machine when the equipment is working. Check whether the machine is fixed in advance to avoid slipping and collision.

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