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Solutions to common problems of laser marking machine

Solutions to common problems of laser marking machine



1. The machine is not running (no refrigeration or pump does not work)

The computer control system is the center of the entire laser marking machine control and command, and it is also the carrier of software installation. Check whether the power cord is connected to the power plug; check whether the power switch is turned on; check whether the power of the decorative panel is turned on.

2. The pump does not work properly

Check the liquid level of the entire system to ensure that the pump is receiving liquid; check whether the pump motor and engine are running; check whether the circulation system is blocked;

3. Insufficient pump suction

Check if the voltage is too low; check if the pipe diameter is too small; check if the fluid viscosity is too high; check if the connecting pipe is restricted.

4. No refrigeration or insufficient refrigeration

Check if the voltage is too low or too high; Check if there is a blockage in the ventilation; Check the ambient temperature (excessive ambient temperature will cause the refrigeration compressor to stop for a short time); Check if excessive heat is transferred to the antifreeze cooling liquid because This would exceed the cooling capacity of the refrigeration system.

Laser marking machine mainly scribes the trajectories of the characters to be marked completely, while the dot matrix laser machine scribes some important trajectories of the characters to be marked. Therefore, with the same energy, the new dot-matrix laser coder prints faster. Laser marking machines use laser beams to permanently mark various material surfaces. Laser marking machines can be divided into CO2 laser marking machines, semiconductor laser marking machines, YAG laser marking machines, and fiber laser marking machines according to different lasers.

The laser marking machine breaks through the standardization and unity of the traditional ink coding technology, creates a brand new marking method, highlights the product characteristics and brand differences, and enhances the product's competition in the increasingly fierce market. Capabilities, while providing a powerful tool for shortening product upgrade cycles and flexible production. Laser marking is a permanent mark that cannot be erased. It is instantly vaporized directly on the surface of the object by laser. It can be distinguished by the naked eye without the aid of any auxiliary tools, which is easy for consumers to identify.

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