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Solution of Laser welding machine common problem

Solution of Laser welding machine common problem



After a period of use, the laser welding machine will have some failures. Some friends often feel helpless when they encounter problems. In fact, there are some problems we can still solve ourselves, so how to solve the common problems in the use of laser welding machines? Let us look at it below.


First, splashing fire out of the pit:


1, the pressure is small, usually the pressure is between 3-4 atmospheres, according to the barometer on the spot welder;

2. The buffer valve is screwed outwards counterclockwise to reduce the stroke of the buffer;

3. The preloading time is too short, and the preloading time is adjusted according to the length of the electrode stroke. (The preloading moment is the moment when the electrode moves downward to compress the workpiece to discharge.) The larger the stroke, the more the preloading time long;

4, to see if the workpiece is rust, oil, if there are two conditions to deal with rust live oil;

5, such as welding wire, no oil or rust should look at the appearance of the wire is too much.


Second, the welding is not strong:


1. The current is too small or the welding time is too short. Usually, the blood oxygen probe welding method uses short-time high-current welding, which can weld the best welding effect. According to the welding workpiece resolution welding time, usually the welding time is grasped in 2 to 5 cycles (50 cycles per second, the conditions of this welding time are selected under the condition of no-no-load), and the welding current is adjusted after the welding time is fixed. The shorter the welding time, the larger the welding current.

2. The surface of the welded workpiece has rust, oil, or wire drawing powder.

3, the spot welding machine is not welded or no electricity: check the power line fuse, such as the fuse is not broken; check the circuit board control line is not there to drop the appearance; view the controller fuse; spot welder has electricity, the controller is normal, Do not work, check the foot switch, if there is no problem with the foot switch, check the connection line of the foot switch; abnormal operation of the spot welding machine, step on the foot switch does not work, lift the foot switch to work, check the foot switch; When the cylinder is pressed, do not lift it up, check whether the connection between the cylinder and the electrode slide is loose or not; the whole transformer is hot.


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