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Six precautions for laser cut metal plate layout

Six precautions for laser cut metal plate layout



Before iron laser cutting runs, the drawings need to be imported into the laser that can cut metal industrial computer program, and the drawings will be printed. After completion,it can be processed. The placement process is very simple and alternate, but careless operation will have a great impact on the cutting effect.


Corner melting

When laser cut brass sheet cuts the corner, it will slow down and cause the laser to overheat and melt the corner. Solution: The radius of the corner is as small as possible, so that laser cutting metal near me can pass at a relatively high speed when cutting to the corner. The cutting effect can be greatly improved. Not only the cutting effect becomes better, but also the cutting speed and the productivity can be increased.


Part spacing

When mild steel laser cutting needs to process thick plates or hot plates, try to increase the distance between the parts. The reason is that stainless steel laser cutting service will generate a lot of heat when processing thick plates or hot plates. Burning will occur when cutting corners and small patterns. The edge phenomenon makes the cutting quality not reach the expected effect.


Lead setting

When sheet metal cutting service is running, a transition line is often drawn at the beginning and the end of the cutting. The reason for this is to ensure that the desktop laser cutter for metal cut seams are well connected and prevent the cutting starting point and the cutting end point from overburning. Note: The lead should not be placed on the workpiece where it is not easy to dissipate heat, such as corners, and the connection between the lead and the slit should be arced as far as possible to ensure that the fiber laser metal cutting can pass smoothly, otherwise it may cause overburn.


Common cutting

In order to improve the cutting efficiency, the common edges of multiple parts can be combined into a combination, and the combination needs to follow the principle of common edges of regular graphics. Co-edge cutting can greatly increase the cutting speed.


Part collision

In order to improve production efficiency, many manufacturers operate laser metal cutting services near me continuously for 24 hours. When using automatic loading and unloading devices, parts may collide with each other and cause damage to the cutting head thickness, which brings great losses. .


The cutting path should be planned well, while avoiding collision, choose the best cutting route to reduce cutting time.

Automatically or manually combine multiple small parts with tiny connections.the removed parts can easily disconnect the tiny connections.


Residual material handling

After custom laser cut steel completes the workpiece cutting task, the remaining material on the table needs to be removed as soon as possible to avoid affecting the subsequent operation, which in turn affects the cutting efficiency. For laser cut metal online that does not have an optional automatic loading and unloading device, cnc steel cutting near me can be used to further cut the skeleton-shaped remaining material into small pieces to reduce the labor intensity of the subsequent operators and avoid the sharp edges of the workpiece from causing injury to the 3d metal cutter operators.

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