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Several major accessories of fiber laser cutting machine

Several major accessories of fiber laser cutting machine


Stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, etc. are common processing materials for fiber laser cutting machine. The continuous development of the sheet metal processing industry has further improved the fiber laser cutting technology, which has played a very positive role in promoting the development of social production.


There are many commonly used accessories for cnc fiber laser cutting machine, some of which are fragile and consumable parts, which are consumable parts. Generally, fiber laser cutting machine metal manufacturers will give away some accessories to customers when they sell fiber laser metal cutting machine. It is also not enough. In order to ensure production efficiency, many accessories are generally prepared to ensure the normal operation of the metal fiber laser cutting machine in case of unexpected needs. So, what are the specific accessories?


Reflective lenses are an indispensable accessory for laser systems, usually with one or two transmissive optical elements, usually used as the output mirror of the laser cavity and the focusing lens at the end. In other laser systems, there may be five or more reflective lenses. Reflective lenses are used as tail mirrors and folding mirrors in the laser cavity and in beam steering in beam delivery systems.


The beam expander is a lens assembly that can change the laser beam diameter and divergence angle.


The main function of the laser protection lens is to block the splash of debris and prevent the splash from damaging the lens. Both sides are coated with a high damage threshold AR coating to reduce reflection. (The general replacement time of these lenses is about 3 months, depending on the actual processing conditions).


The copper nozzle can assist the rapid ejection of gas, which can effectively prevent the debris such as molten stains from rebounding upward, and thus can protect the focusing lens. At the same time, it can control the gas diffusion area and size, which will affect the cutting quality of the laser cutting machine. At the same time, the aperture size of the nozzle will vary according to the thickness of the cutting material. The replacement cycle is about two months.


The ceramic ring is an important part of the cutting head of the cnc laser cutting machines fiber; its main function is to transmit the electrical signal collected by the nozzle of the laser head, which plays an important role in the normal and stable operation of the 3015 fiber laser cutting machine. We often encounter unexplained equipment downtime. The failure of the laser head hitting the working surface is actually caused by the unstable or lost electrical signal caused by the bad laser ceramic ring. Therefore, it is very important to choose a high-quality laser ceramic ring .

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