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RFL-1000 series laser 5

RFL-1000 series laser 5


Tube fiber laser cutting machine price fiber laser tube cutter
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Exchange table fiber optic tube cutter fiber tube cutter fiber laser tube cutting
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Exchange table Full Cover fiber laser cutting machine tube metal tube fiber laser cutting machine

3. Industrial environmental requirements


Situation   description

Total equipment weight


Electricity meter


Gas meter

Compressed air consumption 1m³ / h, cutting gas   consumption see cost analysis table

Equipment to the field environment

1. Power supply   capacity: 30KVA

2. Power supply   requirements: Three-phase AC380V   Frequency: 50Hz

(1) Three-phase voltage   stability ≤ ± 5%, three-phase power imbalance ≤2.5%

(2) The power supply uses a   three-phase five-wire system and the grounding resistance is ≤ 4Ω;

(3) For switch specifications,   wire cross sections, and connection methods used for machine tools, lasers,   chillers, and air compressors, etc., refer to the machine power configuration   diagram.

Note: ① The power   supply voltage is not allowed to have sudden jumps and frequent sudden power   failures;② If the grounding resistance cannot be   guaranteed ≤ 4Ω, the   grounding must be repeated. The method is to purchase 3 (1M / ground) ground   rods of standard copper-plated steel core (copper-plated thickness of 0.25mm)   with a size of about Ф18mm and bury them in the   ground to a depth of about 2.5M.

3. Compressed air   requirements:

(1) Air supply capacity: 1mL /   min

(2) Air supply pressure: 0.8 ~ 1.0Mpa

(3) Dew point temperature is   not higher than 5 ℃

(4) Oil content≤0.01ppm solid particles≤0.02μm

4. The ground   requirements of the installation site: The ground is flat and clean, and the foundation is made according to   the requirements on the foundation map; as shown in the contract

5. Environmental   requirements for machine installation site:

(1) Temperature requirements:   The machine tool can be placed in an environment of -10 ° C to 40 ° C; the laser must be placed in   an environment of 18 ° C to 25 ° C; if it cannot be reached, a separate room and an air   conditioner must be installed;

(2) Humidity requirement: ≤70% (laser only)

(3) Dust requirement: ≤1mg / m³, increase the exhaust dust fan.

6.The   installation environment requirements of chiller, air compressor and freeze dryer:

(1) The cold-drying machine   and air compressor can be placed outdoors. The surrounding environment must   be dry, dust-free, rain-proof, etc. and the single water pipe between the   water-cooling machine and the laser cannot exceed 10M;

(2) If the chiller, air   compressor and freeze dryer are placed indoors, they must be dust-free and   well ventilated, and the hot air generated by the chiller must be discharged   outdoors;

7. Cutting gas   requirements: The purity of the Cutting   gas is based on the following gas purity. Customers can choose the purity of   the gas according to the actual situation of the cutting effect:

Nitrogen: 99.7% (normal nitrogen or liquid nitrogen) Normal oxygen:   99.5% Pure oxygen: 99.95%

8. Cooling water   requirements

(1) Deionized or distilled water must be used. If it cannot be   replaced with barreled pure water, mineral water cannot be used, otherwise   the life of the laser will be affected;

(2)In areas subject to freezing in winter, the chiller must be placed   in an environment above 0 ℃.

9.Laser installation requirements

(1) When the laser is installed and hoisted, the laser tilt angle is   less than 5 °;

(2) Peripheral space requirements of the laser: at least 1.5 meters   of space around the laser, and the top space can allow 1 meter of space from   the roof;

(3) Working environment temperature and humidity: The working   environment temperature is 25 ℃ ± 2 ℃, the temperature fluctuation is small; the ambient humidity is   less than 75%, and it will not condense and dew. Recommendation: If the customer's   environment is poor, the laser must be in a separate room with air   conditioning;

(4) Floor foundation requirements: floor load: floor load is greater   than 1500kg, the floor must be flat and leveled, unevenness is less than 6mm

(5) There should be no equipment with excessive vibration around the   laser, that is, the laser cannot be installed on the ground with vibration;

(6) Power requirements: Power supply requirements for customers' power   grid 380 ± 10%, 50Hz, three-phase, neutral-to-ground;   regulator output 380 ± 2%, 50Hz, three-phase,   neutral-to-ground, 50KVA


4. Consumption of laser cutting equipment



power consumption (kw/h)

Total power (kVA)


Total power consumption

electric power






9*70% =5.6KW·H



Machine host and other accessories





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