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RFL-1000 series laser 3

RFL-1000 series laser 3


Laser protection

1.The laser part is marked with an icon to indicate that there is a laser output to prevent the laser from directly harming the human body;

2.The outer surface of the laser should be grounded to avoid personal injury due to leakage of the equipment casing;

3.Equip operators with appropriate laser protective glasses, which must be worn during the entire operation;

4.Before operating the equipment, you must check whether the protective equipment is worn;

5.When starting the machine, it is forbidden to look directly at the laser emitting head with eyes at any time;

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External transmission fiber protection part

1.The external transmission fiber part of the workstation uses imported high-quality pulleys and restriction devices to fix and guide the laser fiber cable;

2.The transmission fiber is protected by a special laser protective material protective sleeve to prevent laser leakage;

3.Transmission fiber protective sleeve is equipped with laser leakage protection. If the laser leaks due to a fiber break, a laser leak sensor can monitor the laser leak. If a leak is found, the signal will be immediately transmitted to the control center, which will stop the laser output and issue an alarm.

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