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Precautions for safe use of cnc fiber laser cutting machine with raycus ipg

Precautions for safe use of cnc fiber laser cutting machine with raycus ipg


The safety issue is the primary issue in industrial production. LXSHOW is here today to share some precautions for the safe use of cnc metal pipe fiber laser cutting machine.

1. A basic principle in the production process is: when the cutting fiber laser machine is working, the operator must stay with the exchange fiber laser cutting machine to avoid unnecessary losses.

2. When the high quality fiber laser cutting machine is working, the protective cover above the laser machine must be put down to prevent the laser beam from deflecting and hurting people.

3. Due to the laser part and high voltage part inside the diy fiber laser cutting machine, non-professionals are forbidden to dismantle the laser machine.

4. All parts of the machine must be completely grounded to prevent the static electricity from being cut off.

5. This laser is not visible light. It is strictly forbidden to place the device near flammable and explosive materials to prevent the laser from deflecting to the fire source.

6. Irrelevant total reflection or scattered laser beams are strictly prohibited from being reflected inside the fiber laser engraving cutting machine.

7. The operator must observe the laser machine at any time during work (such as irregular processing, abnormal sound of the machine, temperature of circulating cooling water, etc.)

8. It is forbidden to push or pull the laser head and its gantry while the machine is powered on.

9. There is no strong electromagnetic interference and strong electricity in the machine environment.

10. When the voltage is unstable, it is forbidden to open the cnc laser fiber tube cutting machine, or a voltage regulator must be used.

11. Without training, the use of aluminum steel fiber laser cutting machine is prohibited.

12. The continuous working time of the fiber laser cutting machine price 4kw can not exceed 5 hours (need to rest for more than half an hour halfway)

13. The water circulation must be kept clean, the water temperature can not exceed 20 degrees -30 degrees (recommended to use pure water)

14. When the maximum data appears in the ammeter, it is strictly forbidden to open the laser machine. Otherwise it will damage the laser power and shorten the life of the laser tube.

15. The laser power used, the maximum ammeter does not exceed 20mA.

16. If the machine functions abnormally or catches fire, please cut off the power immediately.

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