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Operation protection measures of fiber cutting machine

Operation protection measures of fiber cutting machine


Fiber laser cutting machine is a new type of processing and production tool, and many companies hope to maximize the efficiency of the equipment. However, when carrying out the processing operation, it is necessary to carry out some necessary protective measures. Let us understand.


1. Necessary laser cutting machine protection equipment

The protective equipment for the laser cutting machine is typically a laser protective mirror. Because the protective mirror for preventing laser damage to the human eye can be divided into reflection type, absorption type, diffraction type and composite type according to the protection principle, of course, they According to the laser radiation wavelength of the laser cutting machine, the laser protection of the laser cutting machine can be achieved, which is also a safe and convenient laser cutting machine protection device on the market.


2, to deal with the radiation protection of the laser cutting machine

If the human body has sufficient health, it can resist the slight radiation of the laser cutting machine. Therefore, laser cutting machine operators should pay attention to eat more carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, lean meat, animal liver and other foods rich in vitamins A, C and protein, and often drink green tea and so on. Because these foods can help humans better protect the eyes, the body can better protect the human body under the condition of laser cutting machine radiation.

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