Obstacles and handling facilities of automatic fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-28

The automatic fiber laser cutting machine is completed by using the high power density energy generated by laser focusing. It adopts strict ball screw transmission concept structure and optimizes the control of the CNC system, which can meet the strict processing of parts, and the dynamic and static functions are consolidated, which can be connected to long-time tasks. Therefore, it has attracted much attention in metal cutting. The cutting precision of the metal can affect the cutting process.

Automatic fiber laser cutting machine processing sheet metal parts produce burnt edges and slagging. Because laser cutting process sheet metal parts, a large amount of heat will be generated. Under normal circumstances, the heat generated by cutting will be along the cutting edge. The seams are dispersed in the processed sheet metal to obtain sufficient cooling.

In the processing of small holes, the automatic fiber laser cutting machine can obtain sufficient cooling on the outside of the hole, but the small hole inside the single hole has a small space for heat dissipation and the heat energy is too dense. Burning, slagging, etc. In addition, in the cutting of thick plates, the molten metal accumulated on the surface of the material and the accumulation of heat generated during the perforation will help the air flow chaotic, and the heat input will be excessive, thereby encouraging overburning.

It is very common in the automatic fiber laser cutting machine obstacle mode that the laser focus is very. Experience description and connection of the obstacle cases that have occurred, obtain the first two obstacle trees, the third kind of obstacle obstacle The tree is included. As a CNC full-automatic fiber laser cutting machine, the important thing about the machine tool system is that the low laser energy hinders the tree table. Its function simply affects the accuracy of the cutting workpiece, so the maintenance and repair of the machine tool are usually the focus of equipment protection. The obstacles of the machine tool system are divided into electrical control system obstacles, machine system obstacles, and step action system obstacles. The electrical control system includes laser control system obstacles, programmable logic controllers) and electric control cabinets composed of various electrical components. Explain that each one-sided hindrance causes the electrical control system to hinder the tree. The obstacle of the machine system usually occurs on the transmission parts, the important thing is the ball screw, the guide rail and the rack and pinion. The obstacle tree caused by the description.

Regarding the obstacles of the machine system, the very important thing to prevent from mistakes is to do a good job of regular maintenance and smoothing of the equipment. The stepping action system controls the trajectory of the cutting action. It simply affects the forming accuracy of the cut workpiece. Among them, the stepping motor itself is very important. The nitrogen supply is very hindering the tree^53)^55)(X56) declares the stepping action system Obstructing the tree, indicating that the stepping action system is eventually obtained. The process parameter setting of CNC automatic fiber laser cutting machine is very. Usually it will cause small defects in the cutting of T parts. For example, there are burrs on the corners of the cutting parts, and the cutting surface is not only slippery. The above questions can be solved through the adjustment of process parameters. The adjustment is mainly divided into the typesetting software setting and the cutting parameter setting. The cutting parameter mainly refers to the cutting rate, nitrogen pressure and laser power. So it hinders the tree.

The adjustment of the process parameters of the above-mentioned automatic fiber laser cutting machine honed the technical level of an equipment operator, who needs to continue to accumulate accumulated experience. Talent makes the quality of cutting workpieces better, CNC automatic fiber laser The cutting machine hinders the tree to hinder the diagnosis case. A CNC automatic fiber laser cutting machine suddenly found burrs on the edge of the workpiece during the cutting of the workpiece, and the quality request could not be reached.' Link the CNC automatic fiber laser cutting machine to hinder the tree.

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