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Maintenance of focusing lens for fiber laser cutting machine

Maintenance of focusing lens for fiber laser cutting machine


Although it is normal that the focusing lens of a fiber laser cutting machineis a loss product and the replacement cycle is relatively short, in order to reduce our processing costs, we still need to do everything we can to extend his service life. What is the life of the focusing lens of the cutting machine?

1. Generally, in the laser-sealed optical path, dry, oil-free and dust-free positive-pressure air is used to ensure that dust and impurities in the atmosphere cannot enter the optical path, thereby preventing the pollution of optical lenses.


2. The waste residue generated during the operation of the fiber laser cutting machine causes the auxiliary air to blow downward from the cutting nozzle, thereby reducing the damage of the waste residue to the lower part of the focusing lens to a great extent.


3. For ultra-high-speed perforation, you can spray perforation oil before perforation, so that the slag will not fall vertically to the cutting torch, but will fall to the side. This reduces damage to the lenses.


4. Minimize the use of ultra-high-speed perforations. The use of conventional perforations can extend the life of the focusing lens.


5. It is best to clean and maintain the focusing lens before each start of the fiber laser cutting machine.

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