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Maintenance method of YAG laser welding machine

Maintenance method of YAG laser welding machine



YAG laser welding machine has many advantages such as high speed, large depth and small deformation, which is very popular among industrial production and processing enterprises. In addition to the proper operation and use of welding equipment, we must fully perform their maintenance and repairs in order to ensure the normal operation of the production. So what is the maintenance method for the YAG laser welding machine?


1. In a high temperature or humid environment, the torch laser should be observed at all times to observe whether there is a condensation phenomenon caused by low water temperature on the pipeline or the laser concentrating cavity of the cooling water circulation. The appearance of "condensation" will cause damage to the end face of the YAG crystal, resulting in a drop in output power or even no light. Care must be taken during use. If condensation occurs, stop using the YAG laser welding machine. After the moisture on the surface of the concentrating cavity is naturally dried, check the condition of the YAG optical surface to determine whether to clean the YAG rod and check that everything is normal. Before turning on the power, pay attention to properly setting the lower limit setting temperature of the high temperature controller. In normal operation, attention should also be paid to observing frost on the titanium tube of the refrigeration system. If frost formation occurs, it may be caused by insufficient freon in the refrigeration system. Immediately ask the relevant professionals to supplement and check for leaks;


2, laser welding equipment operators can often use black paper to check the laser output spot, once the spot is uneven or the energy is reduced, the resonator cavity should be adjusted in time to ensure the beam quality of the laser output;


3. The purity of the cooling water is the key to ensure the laser output efficiency of the welding torch and the life of the laser concentrating cavity component. The conductivity of the circulating water should be checked once a week to ensure that its conductivity is 30.5 MWcm, and the internal circulation must be replaced once a month. The deionized water, the conductivity of the newly injected pure water must be 32MWcm. Always observe the color change of the ion exchange column in the cooling system. Once the color of the resin in the exchange column is found to be dark brown or even black, replace the resin immediately.


4. In order to ensure that the torch laser has been in normal working condition, after two weeks of continuous operation or stop using for a period of time, first check the components in the optical path such as YAG rod, dielectric diaphragm and lens protection glass before starting the machine, and determine each The optical components are free from abnormal phenomena such as dust pollution and mildew. If any of the above phenomena are present, they should be treated in time to ensure that the optical components are not damaged by strong laser irradiation.


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