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Maintenance and maintenance of laser welding machine

Maintenance and maintenance of laser welding machine


With the development of technology, laser welding machines have become the standard equipment of high-end production and processing enterprises, so how much do you know about daily maintenance and maintenance?


1. In order to ensure that the jewelry laser welding machine is always in normal working condition, after two weeks of continuous operation or when it is stopped for a period of time, the components in the optical path such as YAG rod, dielectric film, and lens protection glass should be checked before starting to determine the optical There are no abnormal phenomena such as dust pollution and mildew on the components. If the above phenomena occur, they should be dealt with in time to ensure that the optical components will not be damaged under strong laser irradiation. (If the use environment of the equipment is relatively clean, the above inspection can be extended to one month or even longer)   

Note: The maintenance of the laser welding machine for jewelry must be carried out by specially trained personnel, otherwise it is easy to cause serious man-made damage.   

2. The purity of the cooling water is the key to ensuring the laser output efficiency and the life of the laser concentrating cavity components. During use, the conductivity of the internal circulating water should be checked once a week to ensure that its conductivity is 30.5MW·cm, and it must be replaced once a month. For circulating deionized water, the conductivity of newly injected pure water must be 32MW·cm. Observe the color change of the ion exchange column in the cooling system at any time. Once the color of the resin in the exchange column changes to dark brown or even black, the resin should be replaced immediately.     

3. Equipment operators can often check the laser output spot with black photo paper. Once spot unevenness or energy drop is found, the laser resonator should be adjusted in time to ensure the beam quality of the laser output.     

Warning: Direct strong laser irradiation can cause serious damage to human skin, especially blinding the eyes. The debugging operator must have a common sense of laser safety protection and must wear special laser protective glasses for 1.064mm wavelength during work.



1: When the strong laser is directly irradiated to wood and other flammable products, an open flame will be generated. During the debugging process, black metal material with good absorption performance should be placed on the optical path of the laser output as a beam terminator to prevent fire accidents.     

2: The adjustment of the laser must be carried out by specially trained personnel, otherwise the laser will be out of adjustment or deviation adjustment, which will cause damage to other components on the optical path.

Maintenance of the cooling system 


1. Main content of cooling system maintenance      

The main contents of maintenance include checking the water quality of the cooling water, cleaning the water tank and pipeline, and checking whether the protection circuit operates normally. In the case of frequent use, the water quality must be checked once a week to ensure the quality of the cooling medium at any time. The method of inspection is to place the multimeter in the 2MW resistance range, and insert the metal exposed parts of the measuring ends of the two test leads into the cooling water surface in parallel at a distance of 1cm. The resistance reading at this time should be at least 250kW. If the reading is lower than this value, the cooling water should be replaced immediately.        

2. Check the protection interlock circuit      

This cooling system is specially designed for the characteristics of laser equipment, with over-temperature sound alarm, over-temperature interlock, flow switch interlock, liquid level protection interlock, and other protective measures. The above protection circuit should be checked frequently during use to ensure its function is normal and effective. The inspection can be carried out when the water is changed.         

3. Precautions      

In the high temperature or humid environment, the laser welding machine should always pay attention to observe whether there is condensation caused by low water temperature on the cooling water circulating pipe or laser concentrating cavity. The occurrence of condensation will cause damage to the end face of the YAG crystal, Resulting in a drop in output power or even no light. Be careful in use. If condensation occurs, immediately stop using the laser welding machine. After the moisture on the surface of the concentrating cavity is naturally dried, re-check the condition of the YAG optical surface to determine whether to clean the YAG rod. Check that everything is normal before turning it on again. Pay attention to properly adjust the lower limit set temperature of the high-temperature controller.      During normal operation, you should also pay attention to observe whether there is frost on the titanium pipe of the refrigeration system. If frost occurs, it may be caused by insufficient Freon in the refrigeration system. You should immediately ask relevant professionals to supplement and check for leakage.

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