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LXSHOW’s Technical Support in Tunisia for the LX6020LDT Best Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

LXSHOW’s Technical Support in Tunisia for the LX6020LDT Best Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


Understanding LXSHOWs After-sales Support:

After-sales service,also known as techncial support or after-sales support,is the service provided to customers who ever purchased your products.


After-sales support makes customers feel valued after the purchase is made.Excellent after-sales services result in higher customer retention and loyalty,thus creating a good reputation for companies,retailers or manufacturers while poor after-sales support affects the growth in the long run.


Since its establishment in 2004,LXSHOW has expanded its services by building the presales and after-sales teams besides its sales services overseas.LXSHOWs after-sales team covers the well-trained personnel,professional expertise and experience as well as excellent technical skills.The after-sales services provided by LXSHOW cover warranty,free online technical consultation,training,installation and repair.


1. Installation:

LXSHOW after-sales support includes installation for customers who have trouble dealing with laser machines.

2. Free-of-charge online training:

Online support can be provided through email,Wechat,phone or other social media methods.The training service mainly covers those customers who know little about installation and operation of the machine.

3. On-site training:

Since the virtual methods cannot meet the needs of certain customers,they seek to receive personalized on-site services.LXSHOW offers free on-site training for five days.Some customers choose to come to our factory to receive the on-site training.And,our technical team can also fly to their country to offer door-to-door support.

4. Real-time online response:

Whenever customers have questions about the machines once the purchase is made,LXSHOWs after-sales team is available for them online to answer them.

5. Warranty:

LXSHOW laser machines are covered by a three-year warranty.During this period,whenever your machines and other related items have issues,we offer services and support,including maintenance,repair and replacement.


One of the Best Fiber Laser Cutting Machine LX6020LDT

This customer invested in LX6020LDT due to its versatile feature which results in saved time and budget.

LX6020LDT is a large-format tube and plate laser cutting machine for metal plate and tube cutting.The feature of versatility eanbles it to combine functions of laser metal sheet cutting machines and metal tube laser cutting machines,allowing the cutting of both metal plates and tubes.It is an ideal option for those who plan to save budget and space.

Equipped with a 6100*2050mm working area,it is capable of processing a wide range of materials,including stainless steel,carbon steel,alloy steel,aluminum and brass.

With the dual-use feature,besides the metal plate cutting function of laser metal sheet cutting machines,it can cut through round,square,rectangular and other irregular-shaped tubes and profiles.This tube and plate laser cutting machine combines all features of the generic tube cutting models,such as stable clamping,precise cutting,flexibility and versatility.


About US:

LXSHOW was founded in 2004 with the commitment to providing the advanced,innovative laser technologies,including the best fiber laser cutting machines,CO2 and plasma lasers,as well as laser cleaning and welding technologies.Our goal is to provide laser machines that integrate excellent performance, reliability, efficiency and sustainability.

We are proud of offering laser technologies that are designed,developed and manufacturered for a wide range of applications and materials,thereby catering to diverse,personalized market needs.

1. Complete innovation portfolio:

Starting out as a manufacturer of laser cutting, welding and cleaning technologies,LXSHOW has integrated the CNC bending and shearing into its product portfolio that is tailored to customersspecific requirements.In other words,we provide a whole range of laser and CNC technologies from cutting,cleaning and welding to shearing and bending.

2. Efficiency:

Higher efficiency is represented not only in our machines,but also in services and assistance.LXSHOW has been seeking to offer the maximum productivity for customers by building the best fiber laser cutting machines and other laser welding and cleaning machines with the maximized efficiency.Additionally,whenever and wherever you have problems,contact our technical team and they will be resolved efficiently and effectively.

3. Real time technical support:

We provide technical assistance and support at any time to make sure your machine is working well for you.


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