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LXSHOW On-site Training in Turkey on China Laser Cutting Machine LX3015PT

LXSHOW On-site Training in Turkey on China Laser Cutting Machine LX3015PT


Our technical team came to customer in Turkey last month to provide training,from installation to operation of the machine. Before that, this customer purchased from us a 4KW China laser cutting machine LX3015PT.LXSHOW technical specialist Andy carried out a 11-day training for this customer,so that he can learn to how to operate the machine efficiently.


About LXSHOW Customer Training:

LXSHOW has trained a professional after-sales team in order to increase customer satisfaction and boost the corporate development in the long run.The personnel of our technical support team is composed of well-trained specialists and engineers so they can give professional technical support and comprehensive after-sales service.Our technical support includes warranty,repair,maintenance,training and replacement.If necessary,we will come to your country to give door-to-door service.

LXSHOW training is designed for those who have little or zero experience with laser machines in order to increase the operational efficiency and thus enhance the productivity.

We offer training on machine operation,online or on-site.For the on-site training,it can be carried out at your site or at our factory free-of-charge for five days.In addition,we offer free online technical consultation and training.Whether you have issues about the machine operation or need on-site guidance after you purchased our machines,contact our technical team to schedule a training.

We will help customers to completely understand the machine operation through the training program so that they can work great with the machine for maximized productivity and efficiency.

In order to help customers to operate the machine efficiently and effectively, our technical team will conduct tailored trainings for them based on their specific conditions and needs.


About LXSHOW China Laser Cutting Machine LX3015PT:

Tube and plate metal laser cutting machines are versatile machining tools which are used in various sectors for the precise cutting of both metal plates and tubes.Like other generic models,it has the versatile capability to work with various materials and industries.Unlike the models with the functions of cutting plates and tubes seperately,the dual-purpose feature allows it to cut sheet and pipes simultaneously.The 1.5G acceleration allows for the high-speed cutting,greatly boosting productivity.It also features an excellent accurate cutting by being equipped with 0.02mm repeated positioning accuracy.


Standard features of China laser cutting machine LX3015PT:


lLaser power:

The laser power up to 30KW is powerful enough to cut through thick materials with a faster cutting speed and accuracy.


The pneumatic chuck can hold pipes with various shapes and sizes for greater clamping stability,thus resulting in a stable and precise cutting.

lLaser head:

The cutting head is designed with autofocus feature to adjust the focus to various shapes and sizes.It can automatically maintain an ideal distance between the material surface and nozzle for greater cutting accuracy.



Technical features of China laser cutting machine LX3015PT:

lLaser power:1KW~30KW

lClamping range:Round tube diameter:Φ20-Φ220mm/Φ20-Φ350mm;Square tube side length:20-220mm/20-245mm

lRepeated positioning accuracy:±0.02mm

lMax acceleration:1.5G


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During the recent years of company growth,LXSHOW keeps striving to make progress in global presence and sales volume.Our 19 years of experience since the establishment has turned into the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

With top-notch expertise and skills,our teams of presales,sales and after-sales always meet what customers need and demand from our machines and services.

We have worked with customers from around the world and our machines have been exported to more than 100 countries.

Our machines ranging from the most efficient China laser cutting machines to laser welding and cleaning are designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards of quality.

Our experienced technical support personnel is available at any time to resolve your technical issues.


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