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LX63TS Laser Cutting Machine CNC After-sales Service in Saudi Arabia

LX63TS Laser Cutting Machine CNC After-sales Service in Saudi Arabia

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On October 14,LXSHOW after-sales specialist Andy started a trip lasting 10 days to Saudi Arabia to conduct an on-site training on LX63TS laser cutting machine CNC.

Improving Customer Experience:The Role of Excellent After-sales Service

As the laser market is growing increasingly competitive,laser manufacturers are vying to improve the quality of machines and services in order to stand out among their vitals.While efficiency and quality represented by the laser machines play a crucical role,the after-sales service can be a cornerstone of the corporate success.

By handling customers complaints,listening to their feedback and giving technical solutions,a companys after-sales service plays a key role in improving brand reputation and customer loyalty.It is no doubt that the after-sales service can be the key to corporate success.

After-sales service includes all the activities that a company conducts after customer smake a purchase.At LXSHOW,these activities mainly include technical solutions to their problems, online or on-site machine training,warranty,debudding,installation.

1.Power of an Excellent After-sales Service:

An excellent after-sales service will ensure that customers are satisfied with the products and feel appreciated by the company.

Customer loyalty is enhanced by building long-terms relationships with customers.The brand reputation is improved by putting customers in the first place.A good reputation will bring more prospective customers while retaining the existing customers.And,in turn, they will bring more sales which will eventually turn into profits.

Listening to customers valuable feedback will help adjust the corporate strategy.For example,the design and development of LXSHOW laser cutting machine cnc are geared to the diverse,specific market needs.


2.What Make for an Excellent Customer Service?

Fast response:

Responsive answering to customersquestions or inquiries can influence customer experience.A quick and efficient response plays a crucial role in the increased customer satisfaction.At LXSHOW,customers can reach out to us through many means,such as phone,Wechat,WhatsApp and other social media.We are available at any time,ensuring they can get the most efficient service.

Professional assistance:

At LXSHOW,you dont have to worry about the professional attitude of our after-sales team.Our technical team is well-trained to ensure that customersissues are addressed efficiently and effectively.

Warranty and technical support:

Before customers consider such a big investment in a laser cutting machine cnc, what really matter to them is the warranty ,apart from the machine quality.The warranty can give customers confidence in the investment.

Personalized support:

Personalization means that problems can be resolved based on customersunique needs.Take LXSHOW for example,we provide personalized training program for customers,door-to-door service for installation and debugging.

LX63TS Laser Cutting Machine CNC:Combination of Versatility and Precision

1.LXSHOW metal tube laser cutting machines are flexible and versatile in processing pipes and tubes of various shapes,including round,square,rectangular and irregular shapes,and various materials,such as stainless steel, carbon steel,alloy steel,aluminum and copper.Apart from that,these fiber laser tube cutting machines are capable of processing tubes and pipes with various diameters and thicknesses.

2.The pneumatic chucks of LX63TS laser cutting machine CNC help to keep the clamping stable,which eventually increases the cutting accuracy.The clamping capacity ranges from 20mm to 350mm in diameter for round pipes and 20mm to 245mm for square pipes.Customers can also customize the clamping sizes according to the pipe sizes that they plan to process.

3.Technical Features of LX63TS Metal Tube Laser Cutting Machine:


Laser Power:1KW~6KW

Clamping Range:20-245mm for square pipe;20-350mm in diameter for round pipe

Repeated Positioning Accuracy:±0.02mm

Specific Voltage and Frequency:380V 50/60HZ

Bearing Capacity:300KG



In the increasingly competitive laser market,delivering excellent after-sales service is crucial for a companys sustained success.Each customer who plans to invest in LXSHOW laser cutting machine CNC will feel our strong after-sales capabilities.By focusing on the improved customer experience and putting customer first,LXSHOW has established itself in the laser market around the world.

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