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LX3015DH Laser Cutting Stainless Steel Machine After-sales in Russia

LX3015DH Laser Cutting Stainless Steel Machine After-sales in Russia

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LXSHOW after-sales representative Mark went to Russia to offer after-sales service for the customer who invested in the 3KW LX3015DH laser cutting stainless steel machine.This four-day visit is to deal with the customers complaints and,at the same time,to offer better services.


Be a Good Listener to Customer Complaints:

There is no doubt that complaints are everywhere,from daily life and workplace.For a company,

apart from offering quality products and services,listening to customers complaints and dealing with them efficiently and effectively is one important way to increase customersconfidence in a brand,keep them loyal and eventually increase the customer retention.Listening to staffs complaints can help increase their satisfaction with the company and thus enhance their efficiency.

To be a good listener to customers complaints with patience is the first step for enhanced customer satisfaction.Dealing with them is an essential aspect of customer service and the way we handle with can significantly impact a companys reputation and customer retention.

LXSHOW always puts customers in the first place and we can deal with technical isssues for customers promptly.We have a professional,well-trained technical team to offer after-sales services and to properly handle the technical problems.Here are some examples of technical issues that customers encounter and effective solutions to them that we offer:

1.Installation and training:

Some customers have problems working with a laser cutting stainless steel machine and we will help install the machine for them and offer personalized training service.

2.Product quality:

LXSHOW laser cutting stainless steel machines are manufactured with the highest standards.These machines are protected by a three-year warranty which covers any defects and problems of the machine and accessories. We will offer repair or replacement for the defective accessories after customers contact our technical personnel.

3.Prompt response:

You can contact our technical personnel at any time and we will respond to your questions promptly.If it is necessary.our after-sales team will go to your country to offer door-to-door services and help you deal with the problem.

About LX3015DH Laser Cutting Stainless Steel Machine:

This Russian customer purchased a 3KW LX3015DH laser cutting stainless steel machine from LXSHOW.This CNC fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with a tube welding machine bed which is higher than that of D series,and a 3050X1530mm working area.The stability of the bed is enhanced to prevent deformation and ensure accuracy.The working platform is with a sawteeth structure for easy and convenient disassembly and replacement.The gantry is made of aviation aluminum for lightness,dynamics and durability.

When it comes to the cutting accuracy,we have Ospri laser head for autofocus function.Not only does it ensure a great cutting quality,it also provides a higher cutting accuracy.The transmission mode provides a higher precision while ensuring a good transmission efficiency.

LX3015DH laser cutting stainless steel machine is covered by a waranty of three years.If you purchase this machine,any defects and problems will be covered during the warranty period except the consumable parts and artificial damages.


Standard Specifications of laser cutting stainless steel machine LX3015DH:

Laser Power:1KW-4KW

Working Area:3050*1530mm

Maximum Running Speed:120m/min

Maximum Acceleration:1.5G

Repeated Positioning Accuracy:±0.01mm


LXSHOW is a Chinese laser supplier and stays committed to maximizing precision and efficiency for customers worldwide.You can find any machining solutions from LXSHOW,ranging from laser cutting,welding and cleaning to CNC bending and shearing. LXSHOW CNC laser cutting machines

are manufactured to meet customers demands for the higher efficiency and precision.The laser cleaning and welding machines are also designed to meet their machining needs.Apart from the laser machines,we have expanded our innovative portfolio by including CNC bending and shearing machines into the portfolio.

You can enjoy excellent services at LXSHOW,covering pre-sales,sales and after-sales.LXSHOW strives for efficiency,offering prompt response to customersquestion and eventually dealing with them effectively.

If you are interested in LXSHOW laser machines and other CNC machines,you can reach out to us for an on-site visit before making an investment.


Feel free to contact us for more details now!

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