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Laser cutting machine becomes a new magic weapon for farmers

Laser cutting machine becomes a new magic weapon for farmers


Science and technology are the primary productive forces, science and technology promote modern agriculture, and science and technology increase labor productivity. In the final analysis, agricultural science and technology is agricultural modernization. Agricultural modernization depends largely on agricultural mechanization, which is manifested in agricultural mechanization. Agriculture continues to develop, and various agricultural machinery is constantly updated. The types of agricultural machinery products tend to be diversified and specialized. According to the processing power, the classification of processing objects, and the types of processing, they are divided into dozens of types. The upgrade and update of these products also provide new requirements for the manufacture of agricultural machinery products.

Nowadays, laser processing has gradually become an important means of processing and production of agricultural machinery equipment, promoting the rapid development of the agricultural machinery industry and achieving a win-win and mutually beneficial development of different industries. We have introduced laser cutting into the process of agricultural mechanization, which has greatly accelerated the process of agricultural machinery modernization in my country. The traditional sheet metal processing parts of agricultural machinery products usually adopt the punching method, the die consumption is large, the processing efficiency is low, and the product replacement is seriously affected. Compared with the metal

sheet tube fiber laser cutting machine, the processing advantages are more obvious. The laser cutting machine fiber 6 kw processing sheet metal parts can not only realize the cutting of various shapes of plates, but also easy to realize continuous processing, the laser beam transposition time is short, and the production efficiency is high.

my country has always adhered to the development of agricultural mechanization. In recent years, agricultural machinery product manufacturing has developed rapidly, and equipment has also become more diverse and automated. LXSHOW will focus on the use of more advanced fiber laser machine table cutting for agricultural machinery manufacturing, helping the long-term development of agricultural mechanization.

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