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Laser cleaning rubber tire mold

Laser cleaning rubber tire mold



When the challenge of cleaning tire molds appears, Lingxiu laser already has a complete set of efficient and fast solutions-from handheld to fully automatic laser cleaning systems. Clean complex surfaces. The automatic laser cleaning system can clean a large number of mold components accurately, quickly, and locally, including flip molds, mold parts, insertion, and hemming rings. Laser cleaning machine will not cause the residue to enter the micro nozzle, and can be used on the mold with spring type nozzle.

Lingxiu laser has mature performance solutions-there are handheld and automatic laser cleaning systems. Handheld laser cleaner alignment can quickly clean complex surfaces. The automatic laser cleaning system is precise and controllable, fast, and it is more than 90% lower than the cost of dry ice cleaning supplies. Laser cleaning expands the mold size. The operation removes dirt and debris on sensitive surfaces, and does not cause wear or kinetic energy damage caused by sandblast cleaning.

Product advantages:

· No media-save the cost of dry ice and frosting

· No damage to the mold-extend the service life

·For high-pressure cleaning of hot and cold molds, no pre-heat treatment is required

·Environmental protection-no secondary impurities

· Very low cleaning cost

· Precision, gentle, no noise

· The equipment is portable and convenient to operate, reliable, and the maintenance cost is almost zero

· The mold can be washed in just 30 minutes (depending on the mold specifications and contamination)


Tire manufacturers manufacture hundreds of millions of tires every year. During the production process, tire mold cleaning must be fast and reliable to save downtime. Compared to traditional cleaning methods the emergence of laser cleaning technology has brought new hopes for tire mold cleaning and environmental protection. Including sand blasting, ultrasonic or dry ice cleaning, etc., but these methods usually must be after the hot mold is cooled for several hours, and then moved to the cleaning equipment for cleaning, the cleaning takes a long time, and it is easy to damage the precision of the mold, chemical solvents and Because the laser is transmitted through the optical fiber, it is deeply elastic in use and can clean the dead corners of the mold or parts that are not easy to clean. It is convenient to use; rubber does not vaporize, and there is no technology to clean the tire mold with laser. It is used in the tire industry. Although the initial investment cost is relatively high, it can save repetitive time, avoid mold damage, and quickly recover the benefits of work and raw material savings.

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