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Laser cleaning oil stain (except paint)

Laser cleaning oil stain (except paint)



Laser cleaning oil stain (except paint)

The cross-sectional view of the paint residue is exactly the opposite of the shape trend of the light intensity distribution we saw. This is because the heat generated by the strong light distribution is much higher than the weak light. Our experimental results and our recursive algorithm are simulated and analyzed The results are consistent. The experiment shows that our paint removal effect is not only mainly affected by the laser output energy density but also by the quality of the laser beam output by our laser, which is determined by the parameters of the laser itself.

Studies have shown that the paint removal effect of Q-switched lasers is better than other types of lasers without considering the damage of the substrate. The chemical composition of paints generally includes natural resins (such as rosin) modified by dry oil or semi-dry oil, artificial Resin), synthetic resins, such as methyl methacrylate, polyurethane, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, etc., there are many types of pigments and solvents, which cannot be specifically defined. In addition, the widespread use of additives has increased The complexity of the paint composition is different. Therefore, the composition of different types of paint is different, and the thermal physical parameters and optical characteristics are quite different, which leads to different thresholds for paint removal, which is simulated in our analysis and calculation. And the experimental results are fully reflected. In the process of laser paint removal, the laser acts on the paint coating, the paint coating absorbs the laser energy in the pulse time and converts it into heat energy to make the temperature of the paint in a very short time Reaching its vaporization temperature to achieve the effect of our paint removal. This point in our paint removal experiment, the laser completely removed the stainless steel substrate After the lacquer coating, we have found no paint particles on the bench, the paint further verified the aforementioned absorbing energy into thermal energy ultimately lead to high temperature gasification.

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