CNC Laser Cutting Machine


IPG is the pioneer in the field of fiber lasers and the world's largest manufacturer of fiber lasers. It is a company that can control the performance, cost and production of the core technology of fiber lasers, active fiber and semiconductor pump diodes. The company has always been a global leader in fiber optic laser technology in a number of end markets and applications, expanding its laser category through technology-driven product upgrades, creating laser platform companies, and continuously improving the adaptability of downstream markets. IPG's fiber lasers are used in new energy fields, including marking, welding, and cutting. They have been applied in large scale applications in the fields of square, soft and cylindrical batteries. Its main advantages are as follows:


1. Ultra high output power;

2. Higher electro-optical conversion efficiency;

3. Lower maintenance costs;

4. Compact volume;

5. Movable, more durable, more environmentally friendly than traditional laser and non-laser equipment;

6. Lower power consumption: Fiber lasers are more than 15 times more efficient than conventional lasers;

7. Lower cooling requirements: The unique design of the fiber laser makes it greatly reduce the cooling requirements. The low power fiber laser only needs to use air cooling.

8. Fewer equipment requirements: The same fiber laser can be used for welding, cutting and drilling;

9. Lower consumption: there are no consumables like replacing lamps or Bars.



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