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Increase the service life of laser cutting machine

Increase the service life of laser cutting machine



Carbon fiber cnc cutting must be grounded

Wire connection has the following advantages:

1. Can guarantee the normal operation of the laser power supply

2. Can extend the service life of the laser tube

3. It can prevent system interference caused by external interference

4. Prevent accidental burning of the circuit due to high voltage discharge.


The water flow from the water tank to the laser tube should be kept clean.


The laser tube generated by the heat taken away by the cooling water has a higher temperature, and the light output power is very low (preferred) 15 to 20 ℃ temperature; when the water breaks, the tube end will burst or even damage the laser power supply due to the heat accumulated in the laser glass tube . Therefore, the circulation of cooling water and turbid water must be checked at any time. When the water pipe ruptures (dead bend) or falls off, it must be repaired in time to avoid equipment damage due to power failure. It is recommended to replace the pure water in the water tank every half month;


Cleaning and maintenance


Good ventilation


Pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the machine at any time is a necessary condition for the normal operation of the machine. Imagine a person's joints are not flexible, how to move? Machine tool guide rail is also a core component of high precision. After each work, the guide rail must be clean, smooth and lubricated. Each bearing also needs to be lubricated on a regular basis, so that the transmission is flexible, the processing accuracy is high, and the life of the machine is extended;

Next is video of Fiber laser cutting machine:


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