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Important parameters of laser cutting machine metal sheet

Important parameters of laser cutting machine metal sheet


The auxiliary gas pressure, laser power, cutting speed, focus position and other parameters have a great influence on the cutting effect of the laser cutting machine metal sheet.

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Auxiliary gas pressure

The role of the auxiliary gas is to blow away the slag, cooling material and combustion-supporting when the cnc laser fiber cutting machine is running. Oxygen, compressed air, nitrogen and inert gases are more common auxiliary gases.

Oxygen can participate in metal combustion, which can improve cutting efficiency and is suitable for cutting most metals; inert gas and air are suitable for cutting some metal materials (such as aluminum alloy) and non-metal materials, and can prevent materials from burning.

If the auxiliary gas pressure is too high, a vortex will appear on the surface of the material, which will weaken the ability to remove the molten material, resulting in wider slits and rough cutting surfaces; if the pressure is too low, the molten material cannot be completely blown away, and the lower surface of the material will stick. With dregs. Therefore, in order to obtain the best cutting quality, the auxiliary gas pressure should be adjusted when the steel sheet cutting machine laser is running.


Laser power

Laser power will affect many aspects of fiber laser machine table cutting, such as cutting speed, slit width, cutting thickness and cutting quality. The power depends on the material characteristics. For example, materials with high melting points (such as alloys) and high reflectivity of the cut surface (such as copper and aluminum) require larger laser power.

The laser cutting machine sheet metal has a laser power to obtain the best cutting quality during processing. When the laser power is lower than this laser power, imperviousness or slagging will occur; when it is higher than this power, it will burn excessively.


Cutting speed

When the fiber metal laser cutting fiber machine is running at the ideal cutting speed, the section of the material to be cut is smooth and will not produce burrs, and the cutting surface will show a relatively stable line. When the auxiliary gas pressure and laser power are constant, the cutting speed and the slit width show a non-linear inverse relationship. When the cutting speed of the laser fiber cutting machine is relatively slow, the action time of the laser energy on the slit is prolonged, resulting in cutting If the slit width increases, or the slit underneath is too wide, the cutting quality and production efficiency will be greatly reduced.

To speed up the cutting speed of the metal cutting fiber laser machine, the action time of the laser beam energy on the workpiece becomes shorter, so that the heat diffusion and heat conduction effects become smaller, and the width of the slit is correspondingly reduced. However, when the speed of the cnc laser cutting machine metal is too fast, the workpiece material to be cut will be impenetrable due to insufficient cutting heat input.


Focus position

The distance from the laser focus of the cnc laser fiber optic cutting machine steel to the surface of the workpiece is the focus position. The roughness of the cut surface, the slope and width of the slit and the adhesion of the molten residue are directly affected by the focus position. When the focus position is too far forward, the heat absorbed by the lower end of the cut workpiece will increase, which will cause the cut material and the melted material near the slit to flow on the lower surface in a liquid state. After cooling, the melted material will be spherically stained. Attached to the lower surface of the workpiece; if the focus position is behind, the heat absorbed by the lower end surface of the material being cut is reduced, so that the material in the slit cannot be completely melted, and some sharp and short pieces will adhere to the lower surface of the plate Residue. Normally, the focus position should be on the surface of the workpiece or slightly lower, but different material requirements are different. When the cnc fiber laser cutting machine metal cuts carbon steel, the cutting quality is better when the focus is on the surface of the plate; while the metal cutting laser machine is for stainless steel When cutting, the focus should be about 1/2 of the thickness of the sheet for better results.

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