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How to understand the sales price of laser cutting machine

How to understand the sales price of laser cutting machine


Many users will ask about the price of the laser cutting machine when purchasing the material-cutting laser cutting machine. The following is an analysis of the price of the laser cutting machine because the technology now breaks the monopoly of imported core component brands and is independently produced The cost of laser cutting machine manufacturers has been greatly reduced, and the price of equipment has also dropped a lot. As the core laser technology matures, more and more manufacturers choose domestic laser cutting machines.


So what is the price of the laser cutting machine? This is inseparable from the composition and the power of the equipment. Buying equipment is like buying a car from a manufacturer. First of all, you must consider functionality. When buying a laser cutting machine, you must first consider the processing requirements. Users can choose to use For cutting plates or cutting products if it is simple product cutting, or if it is thin plate cutting, choose a tube-sheet dual-purpose laser cutting machine; if it is complicated product cutting or harsh processing, choose a dedicated laser cutting machine equipment, Therefore, as the name suggests, the laser cutting machine is specially designed for cutting materials.

Next, the wall thickness and length of the product must be considered, which determines the machine length and power of the laser cutting machine. The thicker the product wall, the greater the laser power required and the higher the price. The longer the length of the machine tool, the higher the cost. The higher the price, the higher the price and the laser cutting machine is manual and automatic. The function of the chuck is different, and the price may be quite different. The current domestic laser cutting machine brand may also affect the price. If the company’s technical capabilities and If the request is not agreed upon, the overall performance of the device will also vary greatly.

If there are many differences in the prices of laser cutting machine manufacturers, it is best to visit more and compare the cutting effect and operating efficiency of the equipment. The price of laser cutting machines cannot only look at cheapness but also cannot look at the quality, after-sales, and technical capabilities of the manufacturer. When users buy equipment, they hope to make comparisons before they can buy a suitable laser cutting machine.

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