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How to prevent radiation during laser marking machine operation

How to prevent radiation during laser marking machine operation



There is generally no harm in operating a fiber laser marking machine. Laser marking machine is more environmentally friendly than plasma splitting and flame splitting. The plasma cutting machine has a lot of dust, smoke and strong light when cutting. This requires that there must be a matching dust removal device. Laser marking machine produces less dust when marking, light is not very strong, and noise is very small. Operators who first contact the laser marking machine like to stare at the marking head. If the sparks generated by the marking are seen for a long time, it will hurt the eyes and cause tingling. Lingxiu Laser will be equipped with corresponding eye protection glasses.

How to prevent laser radiation:

1. Self-protection against laser marking machine radiation.

If the human body is healthy enough, the radiation from the laser marking machine can be resisted. Laser marking machines are divided into two types: scribe type and dot matrix type according to different marking methods. Most of the laser marking equipment appearing in the market are scoring type, and the new type of laser marking equipment adopts new dot matrix technology. Laser marking machine operation and control personnel should pay attention to eat more carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, lean meat, animal liver and other foods rich in vitamin A, C and protein, often drink some green tea. Because these foods can help humans better protect their eyes, the human body can better protect the human body under the conditions of laser marking machine radiation.

2.Necessary laser marking machine protection equipment

The laser marking machine's protective equipment is typically laser protective glasses. According to its protection principle, it can be divided into reflection, absorption, diffraction, and composite. Of course, they will all be based on the laser radiation wavelength Filter protection to achieve the purpose of protecting the human body, which is also a safer and more convenient laser marking machine protection equipment on the market.

The laser coder mainly scribes the trajectories of the characters to be marked completely, while the dot matrix laser scribes some important trajectories of the characters to be marked. Therefore, with the same energy, the new dot-matrix laser coder prints faster.

The laser marking machine should be used in a dust-free, 10 ℃ -35 ℃ environment as much as possible to keep the optical devices dry and dust-free. The laser marking machine is mainly used in some places that require finer and higher precision. The coding machine is marked with a permanent mark that cannot be erased. It is instantaneously vaporized by the laser directly on the surface of the object. It can be distinguished by the naked eye without the aid of any auxiliary tools, which is convenient for consumers to identify.

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