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How to Detect The Air Tightness of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

How to Detect The Air Tightness of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


The fiber laser cutting machine is assembled with airtightness active inspection. The frame and the pipe are equipped with symmetrically diffused invariant plates on both sides of the bottom of the frame. The fiber laser metal cutting machine pipe is arranged between the two invariable plates, and the invariant plate is different from the pipe. One side is equipped with a locking mechanism, the side where the non-changing plate faces the pipe is equipped with a clamping mechanism, the bottom end of the pipe is equipped with a feeding mechanism, and the lower end of the feeding mechanism is equipped with a lifting mechanism, and the non-changing plate faces one end sidewall of the pipe. A promotion mechanism is installed to complete the automated feeding of the pipes, and the feeding is stable, and the airtightness test of the pipes is carried out before the laser cutting process, which guarantees the product quality, the layout plan is simple and reasonable, the production difficulty is small, and the cost is low, Applicable to promote applications.


The tube material bracket mechanism of the fiber laser cutting machine, the base, the reducing wheel, the placement seat and the adjusting pin, the base is unchanged with a dual-axis cylinder, and the dual-axis cylinder is unchanged with a bottom plate. The side plates are not changed, the upper ends of the side plates are all provided with clamping grooves, the grooves are not provided with bearings, and the side plate on one side is not changed with pressing blocks. Favorable result: It is possible to use the reducing wheel to support the pipe material to prevent the pipe from bending and deforming under the influence of its own weight. Under the environment where the height of the reducing wheel does not change, roll the reducing wheel to support the arc of the pipe material The height of the center of the tube will not change, only the radius of the arc, so it can continuously ensure that the tube is connected to the front and rear chucks on the main bed in the pipe cutting machine, so that the tube material will not shake when cutting the tube, so It can guarantee the quality and compliance of the pipe cutting.

Tube feeding skills of fiber laser cutting systems, tube feeding of fiber laser cutting machine, tube feeding base, feeding assembly, ejector assembly, buffer assembly, pusher assembly, stopper assembly, and feeding plate; One side is provided with a pushing component and a feeding plate, and the other side of the base is provided with a feeding component, a topping component and a buffer component. The beneficial results obtained: the joint application of the feeding assembly, the ejector assembly, the buffer assembly, the pusher assembly, the stop assembly, and the feeding plate to complete the feeding of the pipe, and the pipe slips from the top of the feeding plate after a certain interval and is blocked by the buffer assembly, The buffer assembly absorbs the kinetic energy of the interval when the pipe slides from zero kinetic energy on the slope of the feeding plate to the stopper assembly. The extreme ground lowers the kinetic energy of the pipe slipping onto the stopper assembly, avoiding the pipe and pipe feeding machine. The very big impact of the collision guarantees the normal part-time job of the pipe feeder and extends the application life of the pipe feeder.

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