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How to clean fiber laser cutting machine

How to clean fiber laser cutting machine


The fiber laser cutting machine is clean. The middle of the cutting area is equipped with a rectangular tube, and the top of the rectangular tube is equipped with teeth. The cutting area in the rectangular tube is equipped with chip removal holes, and the cutting area is equipped with a storage cavity. Externally connected, the top of the storage cavity is connected to the water inlet pipe, the water inlet pipe is equipped with an inlet valve, the bottom of the storage cavity is connected to the discharge pipe, the discharge pipe is equipped with a discharge valve, the storage cavity is equipped with an electric fan, and the electric fan is located at the chip removal hole Below. It can easily pump away the gasified solid to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The electric fan can suck the gasified solids from the chip removal hole, and then touch the water in the storage cavity to solidify the negative gasification material. The squeezing pipe squeezes the waste water, and new water is injected into the storage cavity through the inlet pipe to ensure normal application .

A plane fiber laser cutting machine that is easy to clean; arrange block, top plate, bottom plate, two sets of side plates and gun body; also support table, clean box and discharge pipe, clean chamber is equipped in the clean box, and the top of the clean box is connected with inlet The feed port is screwed with a stopper at the feed port, and the input end of the discharge pipe is connected with a discharge pump, a connecting pipe and a connecting hose, and a regulating spring set and a constant ring, which are on the constant ring. It is equipped with notches, and it also houses the tube and the disassembly tube. The outer side of the disassembly tube is equipped with a sponge wiper. It also has an auxiliary vibration spring, an auxiliary vibration plate and a waterproof oscillator. The waterproof oscillator has its own power supply module, and two sets of continuous rods and handheld The board and the scraper are equipped with slide rails on the left and right sides of the top of the arrangement block. The slide rails can be slid at the two sets of slide rails without a sliding block. It also includes a retractable tube set and a spring set.

In the discharging mechanism of the fiber laser cutting machine, a discharging bucket is fixed on the top of the bottom plate, the inner bottom wall of the discharging bucket is fixed with two lifting push rods, and the output end of the lifting push rod is fixed with Extension rods, the tops of the two extension rods are constant with the carrier board. The discharging mechanism for fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with an extension rod on the lifting push rod. When the user applies the equipment, the user arranges the waste in the discharge bucket, turns on the ash collecting air pump, and the ash collecting air pump extracts metal powder When entering the filter box, the atmosphere filter holes are squeezed out, and the powder stays in the filter box. When the user picks up large pieces of metal waste, he opens the lifting push rod and the carrier plate rises. The user can easily take the waste without pulling it inside. The waste, which relieves the users of the annoyance, facilitates the users to obtain materials.


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