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How to Clamp The Control of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

How to Clamp The Control of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?


Fiber laser cutting machine and its tube clamping mastering skills, the electric chuck is placed on the bed; the chuck body and the chuck torsion drive assembly are placed on the base; the shaft is a hollow cylindrical layout with two teeth open, one end on the shaft A torsion gear that is continuously assembled with the chuck torsion drive is installed. The synchronization disk is placed at one end of the shaft body away from the torsion gear; the placement plate is placed on the outside of the synchronization disk, and the clamping jaws can be moved and placed on the placement plate; the chuck drive assembly The transmission component and the clamping jaw continue, and the chuck drive component undergoes the movement of the clamping jaw mobilized by the chuck transmission component. Mastering skills of pipe clamping, obtaining relevant information about gripper jaws and motor retarder, grasping the part-time status of motor retarder, can complete the stepless torsion of the electric chuck and the simultaneous holding of pipe clamping, which can be spared, because of the complicated equipment layout. Causes the problem of large positioning deviation of the electric chuck and low positioning accuracy.


Tube blanking assembly of fiber laser cutting machine. The plan pipe supports the assembly and undertakes transportation components. The pipe supports the assembly and placement of brackets, degree support components, and anti-swing components. The degree support components support the bottom plate and the support field. The placement bracket is equipped with a landing drive component, and the support field is hinged with the support bottom plate. The supporting base plate is equipped with a flip driving component, two splints of the anti-swing component, and a degree driving component. The carrying component is arranged under the support area and located on the side of the support area farther from the mounting bracket. The landing driving component drives the support component up and down so that The supporting field supports pipes. The degree-driven component drives the two splints to clamp the pipes, which reduces pipe swings and improves the accuracy of pipe processing. The turning drive component drives the supporting field to turn, and the finished pipes are blanked to the receiving and transporting components for transmission. Facilitate blanking and transmission.

The tube storage material warehouse for the fiber laser cutting machine, the main part of the material warehouse, the material storage tray arranged on the side of the material warehouse main body, the material cart arranged on the side of the material storage tray and the storage frame arranged on the material cart; The unchanging frame of the reclaiming tray, the telescopic plate, the vertical lifting part arranged on the unchanging frame and the moving part of the driving telescopic plate; the telescopic plate is provided with a continuous clamping part with the storage frame; the material truck and the material storage and retrieval A docking part is provided between the trays, and the docking part keeps the material cart and the storage and retrieval tray unchanged, and the clamping joint continues the storage frame and the storage and retrieval tray, and the storage and retrieval tray mobilizes the storage frame to move. It can complete the active and regular placement of pipes in the fiber laser cutting machine workshop, improving the space utilization rate of the workshop and the manufacturing compliance of the pipe cutting.

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