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How to choose a new laser cutting machine?

How to choose a new laser cutting machine?


After 2000, the sales volume of optical fiber has increased rapidly, and has continuously surpassed the punch in the market share. In 2005, fiber optic technology became a key word for closed fiber laser cutting machine.


After ten years of development, through the development of fiber laser technology and the increase in demand from downstream industries, the market size of fiber metal sheet laser cutting machine 1000w has increased year by year, from 28.60% in 2012 to 41.34% in 2016. It has become the largest market share of industrial lasers and laser fiber cutting machine 1500w is no longer new.

The market for complete fiber laser cutting machine 10000w has also undergone tremendous changes. Low- and medium-power enclosed fiber laser cutting machine have been used for a long time, and the cutting effect and cutting ability will be much worse than before. It is gradually difficult to meet the daily processing needs, and it is unable to cope with the increasing thickness. Board cutting applications.

Dare to take the lead in the past, the processing stations that took the lead in using laser cutting technology are facing the need for equipment replacement. The rapid development of the industry has attracted many companies to participate, hoping to get a slice of it, which also makes it difficult for business owners to choose the right fiber laser cutting machine 1kw.

How to choose a new fiber laser cutting machine mini?

1. Clarify the scope of business needs: consider your own business scope, the thickness of the cutting material, the need to cut certain materials and other factors, and then determine the power and table size of the equipment to be purchased. Both power and format are not too much, the better, the important thing is to meet the actual needs.

2. Look at the main accessories of the product: some important parts of the mini fiber laser metal cutting machine, we also need to pay great attention when purchasing. Especially lasers, cutting heads, servo motors, guide rails, water tanks, etc., these components directly affect the maintenance and maintenance costs of the reasonable price fiber laser cutting machine LXSHOW. The procurement cost is low. The gantry dual drive structure is used, which has stable structure, good rigidity and high speed.

3. After-sales service: No matter how good a fiber laser cutting machine with rotary is, users will encounter a variety of problems in the process of use. When the customer cannot solve the problem, can the manufacturer provide a timely solution? The plan is especially important.


    For companies that operate sheet metal cutting business, the high-power system equipped on the new model is an important tool to achieve rapid cutting and enhance market competitiveness, and it is also LXSHOW's tirelessness for many years to provide high-quality laser cutting equipment for various industries. pursue.

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