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High Power Laser Cutting Steel Sheet: Development And Challenges

High Power Laser Cutting Steel Sheet: Development And Challenges



Since laser cut steel first appeared in 2011, laser iron cutting machine price has been developed for nearly ten years by the end of 2020. In the initial competition between fiber cutting and gas cutting, 4kw laser cutting machine for sale won a big victory and gradually replaced gas cutting. When 3000 watt laser became the mainstream in the field of sheet metal cutting in 2014, the average cutting power was only 500W. After years of rapid development Later, the average cutting power has reached 6000W, and it is charging towards 8000W.

From 4000W 6000W 8000W to the current 10000W high-power fiber laser cutting machine 12kw, the power improvemen continuously breaks through people's imagination. In the face of carbon steel, the previous steel laser cutting near me cutting thickness did not exceed 20mm; in the face of stainless steel over 12mm, the previous metal laser cutting services was helpless. The high-power metal laser cutter for sale launched by LXSHOW can cut up to 40mm when facing aluminum alloy plates; it can cut 50mm stainless steel plates. In addition, it is easier to expect that when the high-power custom metal laser cutting cuts stainless steel plates with a thickness of 3-10mm, the cutting speed of 10kW cnc metal laser cutter is higher than that of 6kW in both directions; when cheapest metal cutting laser is cutting carbon steel, the speed can be completed at 18-20mm/s fast bright surface cutting is bi-directional and the cutting speed of ordinary stainless laser cutting;when 4kw laser-cutter cut carbon steel within 12mm with the aid of compressed air or nitrogen, the cutting efficiency is six to seven times that of oxygen-assisted cutting carbon steel.

According to the test, the speed of fiber laser cutting machine 6000w is nearly four times faster than that of 3KW when cutting 8mm stainless steel; when facing 20mm thick stainless steel, the speed of 12KW sheet metal laser cutting is 114% higher than that of 10KW.

From the perspective of the benefits buyers, the price of 5kw laser cutter with a power of more than 10000W is about 40% higher than the price of 6KW, but the efficiency is increased by more than 60%, and labor and space are saved. Therefore, more and more diy metal laser cutter above 10000W has become the first choice of buyers.

It only took less than ten years for 3000w laser to dominate the thin-sheet processing field from its first appearance. Today, the scope of application is not satisfied with cutting thin plates, and has challenged thicker plates.

With the further development of laser technology, the laser power has been further increased. The piercing capacity of 6kw laser has reached 80mm. The cutting quality and speed have been greatly improved.

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