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Fiber metal laser cutting machine helps comprehensive reform of fitness equipment

Fiber metal laser cutting machine helps comprehensive reform of fitness equipment



With the continuous development of the fitness equipment manufacturing industry, the accuracy requirements for parts processing are also getting higher and higher. The cutting width of the parts, the straightness of the edges, the fineness of the stripes, and the finish will affect the quality of the fitness equipment. The shapes of parts in fitness equipment are diverse. Compared with the traditional processing technology, the automatic CNC pipe laser cutting machine fiber can better meet the requirements of these modern machines.

In fitness equipment, many joints are connected by intersecting lines, and the pipe needs to be cut and drilled. The traditional processing method is to use a band saw, a drilling machine, and a special milling machine. This method can not guarantee the appearance. Can not guarantee accuracy, but also takes up a lot of manpower costs and time costs of tooling clamping and transshipment.

The tube cnc fiber laser cutting machine can cut traditional or special-shaped tubes such as round tubes, square tubes, elliptical tubes, bread tubes, and D-shaped tubes. It has the advantages of high flexibility, high precision, high efficiency, and short product production cycle. The fully automatic processing method can greatly improve the production efficiency of fitness equipment, and has become the standard equipment in the manufacturing process of the fitness equipment industry.

LXF6020T (optional automatic loading and unloading, groove cutting function and robot automatic palletizing) adopts Bochu Controller FSCUT3000S CNC system, which can provide laser dynamic compensation, improve the overall cutting accuracy, and automatically measure the length. The equipment has the characteristics of high output per unit time and short tail material. It has high stability and long durability. It can be automatically loaded in bundles. The robot can be automatically palletized. It can completely say goodbye to high-strength and high-load labor.

Relying on more than 40 years of technology precipitation, LXSHOW's cutting solutions in the fitness equipment industry are favored by fitness equipment companies, and are unanimously praised by users, helping the innovation and development of the fitness equipment industry.

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