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Fiber laser machine cnc laser cutting machine creates industrial beauty

Fiber laser machine cnc laser cutting machine creates industrial beauty



Based on numerical control technology, with laser as the processing medium, the fiber laser cutting machine cutting machine allows light to etch on the material, leaving a beautiful footprint.

The operation of the fiber laser cutting machine carbon steel cutting is very simple. As long as the graphics are designed on the computer, the desired graphics can be displayed. It has arbitrary graphics, arbitrary size adjustment, high precision, fast speed, smooth incisions without burrs, and "non-contact" processing. Do not crush materials and other advantages. This makes the combination of aesthetics and practicality of metal materials after laser cutting.

For example: the traditional metal doors and windows are cold and dull, and the laser cutout elements are integrated into the architectural decoration, making the doors and windows different, giving people a pleasing feeling! Elegant and graceful laser cutout lines, matching the simple metal cover with new ideas The geometric pattern allows metal lighting to find the starting point of beauty.

If we say that only laser has such a peculiar power, it can make the artistic beauty of metal. Then LXSHOW's LXF1530 series fiber laser cutting machine cutting metal plate is the leader of "magician". As a model of the metal material processing industry, it has strong cutting ability, fast cutting speed, high stability, high-quality processing, low Operating costs and high adaptability!

Laser processing has increasingly become an indispensable helper in the metal processing industry, and has achieved significant economic and social benefits. At the same time, with the LXSHOW "Magician" continuously launching "laser equipment" with good performance, metal products have high quality and high ornamental value; metal crafts can increase production efficiency and reduce budget.

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