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Fiber laser cutting machine cutting advantages

Fiber laser cutting machine cutting advantages


Laser cutting machine is indispensable for modern sheet metal processing enterprises-a kind of metal processing equipment. It was born later, but once it came out, it caused a sensation in the industry and quickly replaced the traditional metal cutting equipment. CO2 cutters and YAG cutters have also been gradually replaced. The fiber laser cutting machine is a light source emitted by a fiber laser generator, which is transmitted to the cutting head through the optical fiber, and the laser is generated by the system control to perform non-contact cutting of the metal. Fiber laser cutting machine has obvious advantages. It has beautiful appearance and compact structure, which can be used in small workshops. Compared with the 8% to 10% photoelectric conversion rate of the CO2 laser cutting machine, this kind of cutting machine is amazing in efficiency, and the 25% to 30% photoelectric conversion rate makes it help enterprises effectively improve production efficiency. Above 86%, it is a weapon for enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The fiber laser cutting machine has a short wavelength and a wavelength characteristic of 1.06um so that it can only focus on cutting metal materials. Taking a CO2 laser cutting machine as an example, when cutting 6mm metal materials, the cutting speed of a 15000W fiber laser cutting machine is equivalent to the cutting speed of a 3000W CO2 laser cutting machine. Moreover, among many different types of laser cutting machines, the failure rate of fiber laser cutting machines is very low, subsequent maintenance costs are lower, and daily maintenance is more environmentally friendly and convenient. Many advantages make this equipment the "darling" of the current metal processing industry.

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