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Fiber laser cutting machine cleaning steps

Fiber laser cutting machine cleaning steps



1. Use dust blower to blow away the dust on the lens surface. Do not blow with the mouth. We must keep the lens dry.

2. For the dirt that cannot be blown off, we need to use a cotton swab or cotton ball with a paper handle, and then use a specific epoxy resin and propanol to clean it. The intensity should be moderate, and the lens will be scratched if it is too heavy.

3. After cleaning, we use a cotton ball or cotton swab with distilled water to finely and deeply clean the screw on the surface of the lens and the residual liquid of propanol.

4. Finally, the drying step is performed.

Things to note:

1. When removing the lens from the laser cutting machine, do not directly point the contact lens. Wear gloves or use tweezers to take the lens.

2. The lens should be placed on the lens paper of the focal point. Be careful not to place it on rough objects to avoid injury.

3. Do not directly touch the part containing metal.

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