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Fiber laser cutting machine accurl to build high-quality cabinet

Fiber laser cutting machine accurl to build high-quality cabinet


Cabinets for power and communication on the streets of the city can be seen everywhere, or large gray and dark green iron boxes are standing on the end of the street clumsily. The boxy appearance is indispensable but indispensable, protecting different instruments. As part of the urban landscape, add a little creativity to the cabinet and electrical cabinets, and put color coats on the substations, so that they are not only functionally indispensable, but also make the public have a good impression, making it an integral part of the city. The patterns on the cabinet are either classical or cartoon, or full of creativity hidden in the surrounding scenery, which is more refreshing and has become a beautiful scenery on the streets of the city.

The pursuit of beauty by the cabinet is not only in appearance,but as the demand for the cabinet increases, high requirements are also placed on the processing technology of the cabinet. In the manufacturing process of the cabinet, the traditional mechanical processing technology is likely to cause sharp edges, burrs, burrs and other phenomena on the cutting edge, which affects the appearance of the finished product.

Optical fiber laser cutting machine can solve these shortcomings.

Chassis cabinets are generally processed with sheet metal materials, because sheet metal has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, electrical conductivity (can be used for electromagnetic shielding), low cost, and good mass production performance. In the field of sheet metal cutting, full fiber laser cutting machine is gradually emerging and developing vigorously, from thin plates to thick plates of ten millimeters, which can be cut. In a sense, the laser fiber 2000w cutting machine has brought about a technological change for sheet metal processing.

LXSHOW has great advantages in terms of processing and speed. Bright surface cutting, less burrs, small roughness, good cutting quality and nearly zero verticality are important choices for sheet metal processing.

In response to the metal processing needs of the chassis and cabinet industry, the LXF2040GH fiber laser cutting machine launched by LXSHOW has a dual working platform to save loading and unloading time, a stable optical path system and a control system, and high acceleration increases work efficiency.

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