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Factors affecting fiber laser metal sheet cutting

Factors affecting fiber laser metal sheet cutting


Fiber laser cutting machine-cutting technology continues to improve, and fiber laser cutting has become one of the most advanced technologies in the industry. Fiber laser cutting technology is favored by more and more people because of its high electro-optical conversion efficiency and low use and maintenance costs. So what are the key factors for fiber laser cutting of metal plates?

Fiber laser technology is increasingly widely used in the field of industrial processing. It has many advantages such as fast cutting speed, narrow cut width, wide application range, and high precision. Fierce market competition makes manufacturers pay more attention to the quality of laser cutting.

Factors affecting the quality of laser cutting

The characteristics of the laser equipment itself, such as the type of laser, beam quality, laser mode, etc.; optical parameters such as focus lens focal length, collimator focal length, lens material, etc.; and machine tool motion characteristics, such as height controller stability, response speed, and machine tool Acceleration; process parameters such as cutting power; cutting speed, focus position, cutting height, cutting gas pressure, gas purity, nozzle structure, etc.;


The material characteristics, such as material type, uniformity, and surface reflectivity of the material, have a great influence on the final cutting quality.

The laser cutting process is very complicated, and there are many influencing factors. If improperly controlled, its cutting accuracy and quality will be greatly affected. How to accurately, quickly, and effectively grasp the key factors affecting the quality of optical fiber cutting is very important.


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