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Dyson sells Singapore mansion at a loss of S$10 million

Dyson sells Singapore mansion at a loss of S$10 million


British inventors James-Dysons lost S$11.8 million and sold the super luxury house they bought in Singapore last year for S$73.8 million. The transaction price was S$62 million. The buyer was Indonesian-born Chinese American Liao Kaiyuan.

This apartment occupies the top three floors (from 62 to 64 floors) of the Wallich Residence, the tallest building in Singapore, with an area of approximately 21,108 square feet (approximately 1,960 square meters), with its own large swimming pool, jacuzzi, and barbecue. Pit and private elevator with direct access to the underground car park. When Dyson bought the mansion last year, he set the highest transaction record for a penthouse in Singapore.


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In October 2018, Dyson announced that it would set up a factory in Singapore to produce electric vehicles. In January last year, it announced that it would move the company's headquarters from the UK to Singapore. But in May of this year, Dyson believed that electric vehicles were not commercially viable and announced the abandonment of its electric vehicle project. It is understood that Dyson has spent 500 million pounds on the project.

In the long course of human history, there have been two changes in the transportation energy power system. Each change has brought tremendous changes to human production and life, and at the same time, it has also achieved economic take-off in leading countries or regions. Today, mankind has once again come to the crossroads of the transformation of the transportation energy power system. The third revolution will replace oil and internal combustion engines with electricity and power batteries (including fuel cells), bringing mankind into the era of clean energy.

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