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Does the laser cutting machine harmful to human body?

Does the laser cutting machine harmful to human body?


Does the laser cutting machine harm the human body? Generally speaking, there is no harm to the body, but it is impossible to say that there is absolutely no harm. Nowadays, there is still a risk of radiation with a mobile phone. So doing any work has the possibility of harm, isn't it? Laser pipe and sheet cutting machines are much more environmentally friendly than plasma cutting and flame cutting. There is a lot of dust, dense smoke and strong light when the plasma cutting machine cuts, which requires a matching dust removal device. The sheet and tube fiber laser cutting machine produces less dust when cutting, the light is not very strong, the noise is also very small, and it is more environmentally friendly.


    Of course, generally, operators or customers who are new to laser cutting machines like to stare at the cutting head. If you look at the sparks produced by cutting for a long time, it will hurt your eyes and cause a tingling sensation. Generally, some laser cutting machine manufacturers will be equipped with corresponding eye protection glasses. The metal laser cutting machine is highly intelligent and can be operated unmanned, without staring at the cutting head, but remind everyone to pay attention to several points:

    1. The laser is invisible, and the laser beam is invisible to the naked eye. If you open the hood for maintenance, you must pay attention. Don't accidentally touch the light path. It's not fun to run into.

    2. The harmful element (ZnSe) in the focusing lens of the steel laser cutting machine should not be in frequent contact with the lens, and the scrapped lens should be treated specifically and not littered.

       In short, the damage of laser cutting machine to the human body cannot be said to be non-existent, but it is much better than flame cutting machine and plasma cutting machine. As long as you pay attention to defense when working, it can basically be ignored.

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