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Development and use of laser rust removal machine

Development and use of laser rust removal machine



As global environmental issues become more severe, the demand for industrially clean products and equipment in the global market is increasing year by year. The quality and cleanliness of washing machine equipment and its impact on the environment are becoming increasingly important. As product quality continues to improve, its assessment of environmental impact is normal, and many industries are investigating how to optimize the cleanliness of automated linear production.

Laser cleaning has been proven to fully achieve this goal and highlight its excellence. The infrared light emitted by the laser can be used to clean residual residues on the metal surface, produce residues and oxide residues on steel, aluminum, stone, copper and other substrates. In the case of the original temperature, the su rface deposits can quickly absorb the laser energy and peel off from the surface of the object, while the surface remains intact, the cleaning process can be done by hand-held laser or using a robotic arm.

Laser technology is just emerging as a new technology. Laser cleaning technology has gradually replaced traditional chemical cleaning and contact physical cleaning technology. It is slowly developing into the mainstream technology of industrial cleaning. Compared with traditional cleaning methods, laser cleaning is not used. Any chemical, dry ice and other cleaning media to avoid secondary pollution, which means that our cleaning method is green and environmentally friendly. In addition, laser technology is one of the few cleaning technologies for automated industrial cleaning, reducing operating costs, improving cleaning quality, and meeting market demands.

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