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Correct operation of laser welding machine

Correct operation of laser welding machine



As a kind of precision welding equipment, laser welding machine has many advantages that cannot be compared with other welding processes. It must be paid attention to in use. The correct method of use can improve the service life of the machine. Therefore, after purchasing the machine, we must master the standard specification of the machine operation process.


First, the preparation work before starting


1. Check the power supply of the laser welding machine and whether the water circulation is normal;


2. Check if the gas link of the equipment in the machine is normal;


3. Check the surface of the machine for no dust, spots, oil, etc.


Second, boot


1. Turn on the power and turn on the main power switch.


2. Open the water cooler, laser generator, etc. in sequence;


3. Open the argon valve to adjust the flow rate of the gas;


4. Enter the current working parameters to be executed.


5. Perform welding operations;


Third, the use of operating procedures:


1. It should be checked whether all parts of the welding machine are working properly.


Before the welding work, check whether the laser welding machine is working properly. After the operation, check the welding machine and the working site to eliminate hidden dangers and ensure safety and no accidents.


2, to avoid laser radiation to produce a fire


Direct or strong reflection of the laser beam can cause combustibles to burn, resulting in fire. In addition, thousands to tens of thousands of volts of high voltage in the laser can be damaged by electric shock. Therefore only trained staff are allowed to operate the laser welder. The optical path system of the laser must be completely enclosed with metal to prevent the occurrence of direct irradiation. The laser welding workbench should also be shielded to prevent the radiation from being emitted.


3, should avoid laser damage to the eyes


The laser used in the welding of laser welding machines has a high power density, and the beam is very thin, which is very easy to cause damage to human eyes and skin. Therefore, it is important to protect the eyes during laser welding operations. Field operators must wear laser-specific protective glasses.


4, should avoid laser burns on the skin


Direct exposure of the laser to the skin can cause burns to the skin. Long-term effects of diffuse reflexes can also cause skin aging, inflammation, and skin cancer in the operator. Field operators need to wear overalls to reduce the effects of diffuse reflections.

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