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Common fault analysis of fiber laser cutting machine cnc

Common fault analysis of fiber laser cutting machine cnc


1. Boot without any reflection


  Whether the power fuse is burnt out: replace the fuse.


  Is the power input normal: Check the power input and make it normal.


Is the main power switch damaged: Replace the main power switch.


2. No laser output or laser is weak


Whether the optical path is offset: carefully adjust the optical path.


Whether the focal length of the device changes: refocus the focus.


Whether the laser tube is damaged or aged: Replace the laser tube.


Whether the laser power is on: Check the laser power supply circuit to make it normal.


Is the laser power supply damaged: Replace the laser power supply.


3. Processing size has errors or malfunctions


Is the signal line normal: Replace the signal line.


The power supply is unstable or has an interference signal: install a voltage regulator or eliminate interference signals.


Whether the processing parameters are set correctly (such as layout, etc.): Reset the corresponding parameters.


Whether the machining program is written normally: Check the programmed machining program and modify it until it is normal.

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