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Causes and solutions of burrs easily produced by laser cutting machine

Causes and solutions of burrs easily produced by laser cutting machine



Tube and plate cnc fiber laser cutting machines are already very common in the sheet metal processing industry. Pipe fiber laser cutting machines have high working efficiency and high cutting quality, and have become the standard for sheet metal processing stations. However, when some customers use 10000w fiber laser cutting machines, they cut off many burrs. Many people think that the quality of 2060 fiber laser cutting machines is not a problem. In the process of sheet metal processing, the gas purity and parameter settings of the tube cutting machine fiber laser will affect the processing quality.

How do glitches occur?

In fact, burrs are excessive residue particles on the surface of metal materials. When the machine fiber laser cutting 1500 w is processing the workpiece, the energy generated by the laser beam irradiating the surface of the object vaporizes and vaporizes the surface of the object to achieve the purpose of cutting. The role of the gas is to blow off the slag on the surface of the workpiece after the object is vaporized. If the gas is not used, the slag will form burrs and attach to the cutting surface after cooling. Therefore, the purity of the gas is higher. You can change to a gas supplier with a higher quality. The purity of the gas is very important. Do not use cylinder gas, because after two fillings, the purity is not good and the gas is wasted.

Another reason is the quality of the equipment itself, as well as the parameter setting factors, so when the customer buys the laser cutting machine, it is necessary for an experienced operator to debug the equipment. Therefore, we must strive to adjust the cutting parameters to the best, pneumatic flow focal length cutting speed, etc., after many adjustments, the parameters provided by the machine can not cut high-quality workpieces.

If a material has burrs, the material can be qualitatively defective. The more burrs, the lower the quality.

When the initial metal fiber laser cutting machine 1000w has burrs, it can be investigated and resolved from the following aspects:

1. The output power of the accurl fiber laser cutting machine 1000w is insufficient.

Solution: Check whether the stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine works normally. If it is abnormal, it needs timely repair and maintenance. If it is normal, check whether the output value is correct.

2. The upper and lower positions of the focal point of the beam are deviated.

Solution: Adjust the position of the focus and adjust it according to the replacement position it produces.

3. The gas purity of the high precision fiber laser cutting machine is not enough.

Solution: Change gas.

4. The wire cutting speed of the closed type fiber laser cutting machine is too slow.

Solution: Adjust the wire cutting speed in time.

5. The dots of the laser beam of the fiber ipg steel laser cutting machine have alternated.

Solution: Perform focus adjustment and timely adjustment

6. Errors caused by the long operation time of the plate and tube fiber laser cutting machine.

Solution: Turn off the machine and restart and let the machine rest.

Fiber laser metal cutting machine 2000w raycus is a precision machine, often a data error will cause its work to run abnormally, so it should be strict in the work to reduce errors.

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