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Brand fiber laser cutting machine cutting advertising metal sheet processing

Brand fiber laser cutting machine cutting advertising metal sheet processing



Advertising industry As a huge consumer industry, the thin metal processing of the advertising industry has always been very concerned. Although the advertising words cut by traditional mechanical cutting equipment can meet the basic requirements of the advertising industry, their shortcomings also cause some problems for relevant practitioners. Including low processing precision, tool wear, material waste, etc., this makes the improvement of equipment urgently needed.

In this case, a new type of equipment--industury fiber laser cutting machine, has become a leader in thin metal processing in the advertising industry.

As the production cost of laser cutting machine prices fiber continues to decline, the demand for 2kw fiber laser cutting machine in the advertising industry is increasing at a rate of 20% per year. According to statistics, the current penetration rate of laser processing equipment in this industry is still less than 5%. With the development of the industry, the replacement demand for the original tool processing equipment to be a fiber laser metal cutting machine 1000 watt will accelerate and the advertising industry will generate in the future. Market demand for more than 50,000 lowest price fiber laser cutting machines.

In response to the metal processing needs of the advertising processing industry, LXSHOW launched the LXF1530 series 1530 1540 fiber laser cutting machine. The dual working platform saves loading and unloading time, a stable optical path system and control system, and high acceleration increases work efficiency.


Advantages of LXF1530 series laser cutting machine fiber for titanium:

High degree of automation: when processing the workpiece, as long as the picture is imported into the software, you can cut the desired pattern, saving raw material costs

Fast speed: 1mm plate can cut 600 circular holes with a diameter of 2mm per minute

Light source: The use of Raycus laser, strong cutting ability, high efficiency, military quality, outstanding, procurement costs decreased by 15%-20%.

CNC system: Proven by the market, stable operation, simple.

After-sales service: fast service and low service cost.

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