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Application of laser equipment in automobile thermoforming

Application of laser equipment in automobile thermoforming


Generally, the hot-formed steel is located in the key parts of the body in white, such as the door anti-collision beam, front and rear bumpers, A-pillar, B-pillar, C-pillar, roof cover, and middle aisle.


Hot-formed steel can be said to be a type of high-strength steel, but it is different from ordinary steel in manufacturing process, and its yield strength and tensile strength are higher than ordinary steel plate strength.

The tensile strength of general high-strength steel plates is about 400-450MPa. Hot-formed steel is formed by heating. After a series of treatments, the tensile strength can be increased to 1300-1600 MPa, which is 3-4 times that of ordinary steel.

In the process of automobile thermoforming, laser technology is indispensable and plays an important role.

 Laser blanking

Blanking is the first process in hot stamping and forming, which punches out the blank with the required outer contour. Because laser cutting does not require molds, the cost of mold purchase, maintenance and storage is saved, and the processing speed is fast, and the processing quality is guaranteed. More importantly, laser cutting of high-strength steel and aluminum alloy automotive plates can be easily completed without There are problems such as cracking and crushing, which can effectively improve processing efficiency.

LXSHOW has been focusing on laser equipment research and development for 16 years, and has contributed many high-quality equipment for metal processing, which can cover 100% metal blanking needs and is a weapon in the metal processing industry.

 Laser welding

Laser tailored blanks have been widely used in the automotive industry. Laser tailor-welded plate technology allows auto manufacturers to further optimize vehicle design, by combining different grades of hot-formed steel to ensure that the correct materials are applied to the appropriate parts. This technology significantly improves the safety of parts and crash performance while reducing weight.

 3D cutting

At present, automotive thermoforming parts generally use sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine for edge cutting and punching. Laser cutting is a part of high-strength steel production line, which is directly related to the installability of the workpiece.

The traditional cold stamping trimming and punching mode requires the design of the mold, and the mold is easy to wear during use. It needs to be repaired and replaced frequently, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the process is noisy and costly. The 6000 watt fiber laser cutting machine does not have these weaknesses, effectively improving processing efficiency.

Laser processing has become an indispensable technology for modern automobile manufacturing. Based on the demand for lightweight vehicles, the importance of laser technology in a highly automated and highly flexible production system is gradually highlighted. The laser solution covers all applications in the automotive manufacturing industry.

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