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Application of fiber laser cutting machine in home appliances

Application of fiber laser cutting machine in home appliances


Whether it is a washing machine, an electric pressure cooker, a rice cooker, etc., the role of home appliances that are closely related to our lives and diet is playing more and more important at home. And the materials of these appliances will all involve stainless steel without exception.

The applications of stainless steel products in the home appliance industry are mainly washing machine inner cylinders, water heater inner tanks, and refrigerator inner linings. Because stainless steel has excellent durability, strength, and workability, at the same time, its appearance is simple and textured. Many refrigerators and range hoods The housing is also made of stainless steel.

The traditional stainless steel cutting process has problems such as tool wear, low processing efficiency, and burrs, rough surfaces, and deformation. In contrast, the advantages of metal tube and plate fiber laser cutting machine are more prominent, becoming a common choice for many stainless steel processing enterprises.


Advantages of fiber optic laser cutting machine

1. No processing stress, no deformation of workpiece

Cutting with fiber laser cutting machine india price is not affected by the hardness of the material. This is due to the characteristics of the laser and is an unmatched advantage of traditional equipment. Mini metal fiber laser cutting machine can cut steel plates, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, and carbide plates without deformation. .


2. No secondary treatment, high processing efficiency

The cnc laser 2000w metal fiber laser cutting machine is used to process the stainless steel plate, and the non-contact processing method is adopted, which will not affect the deformation of the workpiece and will not affect the next process, and the laser cutting machine fiber 2kw process does not require secondary treatment, and the cutting surface is smooth.


3. Better positioning accuracy and good cutting effect

The laser beam is focused into a very small light spot, so that the material with a high power density at the focal point is quickly heated to vaporization, evaporates to form a hole, the beam quality is good, the positioning accuracy is better, and the cutting accuracy is also higher.


4. No tool wear, low maintenance cost

Exchange table fiber laser cutting machine is used to cut stainless steel without loss, high photoelectric conversion rate, lower processing cost, and 1kw fiber laser cutting machine is maintenance-free.

Among the many laser cutting machine brands, LXSHOW has the leading quality, and the excellent cost-effective products have been popular in the market once they are launched, becoming the leader in planar fiber laser cutting machines.

●The core light source of the equipment is independently manufactured, and the procurement cost is reduced by 15% -20%;

● With ultra-high cutting efficiency, 1mm plate can cut 600 circular holes with a diameter of 2mm per minute;

● Covering 100% metal material blanking needs, effectively satisfying various needs in the processing of home appliances, and helping Chinese home appliance brands to move to a higher end.

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