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After-sales Team in Lebanon for Training on LXSHOW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Sale

After-sales Team in Lebanon for Training on LXSHOW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Sale


Shortly after the 11-day training trip to Turkey on August 30,our technical representative Andy started another trip to Lebanon to give a technical training on 6KW LX3015H fiber laser cutting machine for sale.Like other customers,this customer also gave a good feedback to LXSHOW quality and service.


Learn More about LXSHOW After-sales Support:

1. A highly-trained team at your disposal:

Our after-sales team consists of experienced technicians who can solve any problems that you encounter at any time during the operation of your machine.The team has been striving to reduce downtime and enhance productivity with professional after-sales service.

With highly-skilled personnel giving professional and responsive consulation and service in many countries worldwide,your machines will be working great with you and therefore increase your efficiency and productivity.

For those who have trouble operating a laser machine,we carry out online and on-site training based on their requirements.Apart from the online training free-of-charge,we give free on-site training for 5 days.And an extra training for more than five days is given at an additional cost.

Be free to contact us to start a training trip now!


2. Installation,maintenance,debugging:

After you purchased from us,we will keep in line with your customer experience and machine conditions to make sure it is working at its best.

Regular maintenence and debugging are particularly important for the enhanced efficiency of a machine.We offer a 3-year warranty service of repair,maintenance and replacement.

If you need any warranty service during the period,send the items to us for repair or replacement.

In addition to the warranty service,the technical team also helps to install the machine at your site if you dont have experience working with it.


3.24/7 available:

If you have problems about your machine,you can contact us at any time.Our team is available 24/7 to help you solve your problems.We ensure you receive the most responsive and professional service and support from us.

Learn More about LXSHOW LX3015H Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Sale:

This fiber laser metal cutting machine LX3015H wins in terms of productivity and eco-efficiency due to its enclosure and pallet changer compared to other generic models.The fully enclosed design,combined with a fast pallet changing leads to enhanced efficiency and safety.For the extra requirements,you can customize some configurations of the machine. The machine bed,working platform and enclosure can be upgraded at additional costs.


Standard features of LX3015H fiber laser cutting machine for sale:


1. Enclosure:

In terms of safety,LXSHOW has designed a full enclosure for LX3015H fiber laser cutting machine for sale so that personnel and environment can be protected from the harmful smoke and dust produced by the laser cutting process.Besides,the observation window is made of high-standard laser protective glass for the maximum safety.


2. Dust removal:

Laser cutting is a high-energy machining process which produces dust,debris and smoke.This leads to the need for a highly efficient dust removal system integrated into the machine to keep it clean and safe.


3. Pallet changer:

Equipped with a fast 15-second pallet changer,LX3015H fiber laser cutting machine for sale enables the loading of raw materials while working on the current workpiece.A high level of automation is integrated into this uninterrupted process,leading to saved time and enhanced efficiency.



Technical features of LX3015H fiber laser cutting machine for sale:


Laser Power:1KW~6KW

Working Area:3000*1500mm

Repeated positioning accuracy:±0.02mm

Max acceleration:1.5G


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