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Advantages of rust cleaning laser

Advantages of rust cleaning laser


The main problems with traditional cleaning methods include: negative impact on the environment and wear on cleaning objects. Sandblasting systems generate large amounts of waste and damage the fine surfaces of the substrate; cleaning with chemical solvents creates potentially hazardous vapor and liquid waste.

The lack of traditional cleaning methods has led to the application of laser technology in the field of surface cleaning. Because laser cleaning has many advantages, it has become the most effective way to remove unwanted material from the surface of the material.

Currently, pulsed laser cleaning and decoating systems are used in a wide variety of applications, from ablation to remove vulcanized residues from tire molds and engraved surfaces, to stripping insulation from wires, and removing coatings from fine surfaces.

The main advantages of using lasers in surface cleaning applications include:

Automated cleaning method

Reduce waste quantity

Improve security

No chemicals or sandblasting required

Non-wear and non-contact cleaning processes

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