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Advantages of fiber laser cutting machine in metal processing field

Advantages of fiber laser cutting machine in metal processing field


Fiber laser cutting machine has the advantages of good cutting effect, fast cutting speed, low processing cost, low maintenance cost, etc. It is widely used in the comprehensive processing of metal sheet industry and is an indispensable cutting equipment.

The fiber laser cutting machine is popular in the metal sheet industry mainly due to the following characteristics: 1. The fiber cutting machine has flexibility and flexibility when processing metal plates, suitable for mass production, can be formed at one time, and does not require subsequent secondary processing, saving Labor and time significantly increase production efficiency.

Because the working principle of the device is to locally heat and melt the plate using a high-energy and high-density beam, and then use high-pressure gas to blow the slag to complete the cutting, so there is no need for polishing, drilling, etc. Second, the beam of the fiber laser cutting machine is concentrated in the area between 0.1-1mm, the scope of action is super small, so its processing accuracy is very high.

In addition, the computer automatic control system is used in the working process of the optical fiber cutting machine, and the non-contact production process is used to ensure that the processed material will not be affected by mechanical pressure and will not process the metal plate. Any impact on accuracy.

 Third, the fiber laser cutting machine has a short editing time, which can be directly imported into the equipment's control system through computer graphics. Only one artist can get the design of the pattern. However, the traditional cutting process and the processing pattern of sheet metal workpieces depend on the programming of the CNC machine tools and the molds made in advance. Each time a new product and a plate with a different shape are replaced, a new mold must be developed and a new The procedure requires high cost or labor everywhere, which is not conducive to forming competitiveness in the current market environment. For customers, shortening the production cycle means improving competitiveness, promoting cost control and maximizing economic value.

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