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5 knowledge points of laser steel cutting machine

5 knowledge points of laser steel cutting machine


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Now, the blade as a cutting tool has gradually withdrawn from the metal processing industry, and more and more metal processing companies choose to use laser steel cutting machine. The following are five interesting knowledge points about laser cutting machine for metal.


(1) Laser cutting technology has existed for more than half a century

In the mid-1960s, researchers at the Western Electrical Engineering Research Center produced the world's first laser metal cutting machine.


(2) Fiber laser metal cutting machine can perform welding operation

Depending on the type of laser, the laser cutting machine can also perform the welding process. There are currently three types of lasers that are widely used: CO2, Nd; YAG and fiber lasers. Several types of lasers can perform the welding process, but the process is slightly different.


(3) The optical lens focuses the laser to only 0.001 inches

The optical lens used in the laser fibra cutting machine plays an important role in the cutting process. They can focus high-power lasers to a target area of only 0.001 inches in diameter. All the laser produced is concentrated in this small area, so that fine cutting can be performed.


(4) Laser cutting machine steel requires a lot of power

Not surprisingly, the power that a stainless steel laser cutting machine needs to withstand when cutting.According to Wikipedia, the efficiency rating of commercial laser cutting machines ranges from 5% to 45%. Having said that, the actual power consumed by aluminum laser cutting machine must use a specific type of machine. And the output settings configured for this. However, unlike other cutting processes, metal sheet laser cutting machine require a lot of power when operating.


(5) The laser cutting metal machine needs auxiliary gas

The laser cutting process requires the use of auxiliary gas. When the laser heats the workpiece, the coaxial pressurized gas is inserted into the molten metal and blown away to realize the cutting process.

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